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Meeting the Moon | Self-Guided eCourse


Many of us are drawn to the moon, La Luna is a witness to the cycles and seasons of our life and offers a powerful mirror in the night sky. Within these six lessons you will deepen and discover your own sources of inspiration as you create with the many phases and faces of the moon using your MoonCircles™ Kit and Cards which are sent to you with this eCourse. Experience wisdom, depth and delight in Meeting the Moon.

Meeting the Moon is an oasis of making magic with lunar wisdom and creative play!

You will be entering in and find the Phase that rises in the night and will inspire the beginning of your creative experience. 

Notice how you are experiencing this season…as you create you will be working with the Moon, moving through all eight phases, discovering your own connection to the moon in this, and every season!

It is always a potent time to meet the moon, amplify your connection and expand your creative practice.

In this eCourse you will be meeting the moon, using the MoonCircles™ Kit and Cards sent to you. There will be a video library for creative ways and added options of integrating other forms of art-making! As you create art you will invite the wisdom of the Moon to guide your life as you create through the phases.

Meeting the Moon is an opportunity to know, grow and deepen how the moon offers a living symbol that can become a familiar way to express and expand your connection to the natural world within your creative practice.


As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.

– Pablo Neruda

Many of us are drawn to the moon, La Luna is a witness to the cycles and seasons of our life and also offers a powerful mirror in the night sky, where we see her light and experience the changing nature of the self in her phases. We will create with the many phases and faces of experience, finding stories that are being illuminated and ways in which she, La Luna, holds us in her light and how we hold her light within us.

The moon also inspires connection to the ancient world, mythic remembering resonates within the aura of the moon and we can discover so much working with moon energies as a form of re-remembering – we will be exploring our own deep connections as we create with the mysteries of the moon.


Explore MoonCircles™ – discover how this unique and complementary collage form can expand your creative play!

  • Use collage, mixed media and embellishment to enhance your art.
  • Receive a MoonCircles™ Kit with Cards, Guidebook and Bag delivered to you worldwide, via priority mail!
  • If you are new to any of the creative ways included in this eCourse I have added a Video Library with lots of getting started instruction for MoonCircles™ that can be explored over time!

Six lessons invite you to explore art-making “by the light of the moon” – seeking her gifts and creating new cards, using both forms to offer illumination to what is hidden within and what is being revealed in our life.


What you will receive:

  • Global Classroom with Forever Access
  • Video Library with MoonCircles™ Instruction
  • Moon Wheel Process
  • Inspiration Videos, Prompts and Art Inquiry
  • Eight Phase Guided Meditations
  • Special Moon Spreads
  • Narrative Inquiry + Visual Storytelling Techniques
  • Expanded Pattern Play
  • MoonCircles™ Kit, Cards + Guidebook [*sent worldwide]
  • plus much more!



ALL THIS for only $129


If you love the Moon and adore creating using collage and mixed media and want to explore more deeply with MoonCircles™ – this is the class for you! 

We learn from our art, we grow and change through our art as it becomes a conscious way of engaging life.

MoonCircles™ offers unique techniques that are invaluable to your personal healing, growth and transformation.

A symbolic reference, as potent as the Moon, can enhance the deep psycho-spiritual connections that are forged within art as process.

The images and energies that come through Meeting the Moon will enrich life + renew your purpose and path…

  • Connect to the power and energetics of the Sacred Circle.
  • Explore the power of the Physical, Symbolic and Mythic Moon.
  • Invite two powerful and complementary creative ways to inform and guide you.
  • Develop a stronger understanding of expanded process with interactive spreads and readings.
  • Expand the use of collage and mixed media, adding complementary tools and blended process.
  • Enhance your personal connection to the Moon and Lunar Wisdom through visual narrative, depth and art as process!

I’m excited to create with you!