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Home of the Soul | Vision + Values eCourse


This FIVE week eCourse, offered live and with forever access will inspire you to create a dimensional creative framework around the metaphor and symbol of a house and home for who you are now. This is a creative inquiry process, where you will consider how your soul home is being reflected in your life…explore the type of space you need, the quality of light, where the rooms in your “soul house” are held?

Follow your own metaphoric and symbolic language as you translate information into energy, through art and process, exploring a new way of being and belonging…insight and intention.

Explore your art and life – create a new experience of Soul Home, that travels with you wherever you go!

This is a one time only eCourse, I’ve been waiting to offer for nine whole months!

Home of the Soul is a deep dive, warm embrace and forever access eCourse.

Offered as a live and led immersive five week workshop, you have open access and can dive deep, take your time and/or explore as a self-paced journey!

Opens May 26th

ONLY $179 $129

This eCourse will both illustrate and inspire you to create a framework around the metaphor of house and home – consider how your soul home is reflected in your life, through your house of dreams, inner needs met in the style of your abode or through the unique qualities and purpose held in rooms in a house. Perhaps it is space, land and sacred place where your life sings and the home of the soul stretches past walls and windows into the expansive. Some of you may consider the body space as a soul home and work with your life as a spirit house, reflecting all that is active and ready to be birthed.

We will explore the soul home as inner self and outer expression – exploring the ground, walls, borders and boundaries AND newly designed or defined space that is waiting for you to enter in and inhabit. You will seek and find harbored energies, hidden truths and stale stories…remembering who are you and discovering what is possible when any old stuff is released – then open the windows and walls to discover you want to experience now.

You will explore your life using art as process, you will create a reflective house, one that can actually hold all that you are…discover what that means to you as you engage art as process. Explore the potential of this interactive sacred space…and work with new techniques and tools, cards and materials.

*Optional new Pathways + Portals cards are large cards, used in the image above, these can be added to your order to enhance your creative, or you can use any of your favorite materials!

This program will enhance your life as an energetic container and a tool of manifestation. After a year of spending so much time at home, under lockdown  are you ready to explore what your SOUL HOME looks like or what it needs to be now?

What resonates with you:

  • What is feeling flat or lacking?
  • Is there something yearning to become manifest?
  • What is missing and needed now?
  • Are you ready to explore a life redesign?
  • Is there a vital energy or element missing? 
  • What do you want to experience next?

How can your life invite you to travel beyond the borders that seem to be fixed…

Use creative process to intention shift energies that no longer serve and reclaim energies that inspire you. In this process you will be stretching space and redefining life to make room for the “true you” to shine!

You will be exploring the space of change, the inner castle, the simple path, the rooms in your house, layers of life, inner worlds and outer landscapes, spaces of remembering, ways you might hide and where you want to redefine life, claim new energies and activate creative knowing.

Exploring vision and values process, is woven in organically…offering fun and powerful ways to play, engage discovery, redefine meaning and determine new insights as you expand experience through powerful lens of creative depth.

Multiple lessons over five weeks, this eCourse includes four in person events via zoom – an opening session + three creative and exploration sessions! Bring your favorite creative ways to this self-paced course – perfect for any complementary expressive art such as mixed media, process painting, SoulCollage®,  JourneyCircles™, Assemblage and Art Journaling.

Creative process videos are offered throughout the class and you can bring in your own art to explore the themes.

You will learn, create and explore energetic elements  vision and values through these ideas (using art making as a new way of seeing and being):

  • The Shape of my Soul
  • Wordplay + Style of Life
  • Safe, Sacred or Shuttered
  • Rooms in my House
  • Forgotten Spaces
  • A New View
  • Inner + Outer Expression
  • Unexpected Openings
  • Energetic Alignements
  • Embodied Experience
  • Making + Manifesting

includes a dedicated forever access classroom, six lessons over five weeks is designed to offer an immersive experience that will amplify your insights – receive and enjoy videos, audios, lessons, worksheets and interactive creative play. Enjoy the FOUR Zoom calls + replays (recorded and live). The  community and share space is available for an additional month, and will be archived for later viewing.


Begins May 26, 2021


Zoom Calls | Live + Recorded:

Thursday – May 27 | Orientation + Beginning

Time Zone: 4pm Pacific :: 7pm Eastern :: 12 midnight UK


Friday – June 4 | Creative Deepening

Time Zone: 9am Pacific :: 12pm Eastern :: 8pm UK


Sunday – June 13 | Visioning + Activation

Time Zone: 12 noon Pacific :: 3pm Eastern :: 8pm UK


Saturday – June 19 | Shine + Align

Time Zone: 9 am Pacific :: 12pm Eastern :: 5pm UK