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[FREE] Foundations of Depth Masterclass Series


FREE Masterclass Series + Sessions :: February 8-17, 2021

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Expand your Creative Connections in this FREE Masterclass Series with New Topics and Sessions for 2021!

Calling intuitive, esoteric creatives – coaches, healers and edge walkers ready to take a leap. This is powerful work for those who want to harness the power of depth and transformative art, within a coaching design. You are being invited to explore the edge – redefine your life, shed what is ready and express more fully, create space for profound personal change, reclaim voice, choice and design work/life that is aligned.

Why are you here? What do you already sense in this body of work?

There is no better time to redefine your work in the world, and the world needs you! Do you have a dream to bring something special into being, is a project waiting in the wings? I see you…I know you. Come to listen and take advantage of this time limited application and bonus process.

You are invited to expand personally and professionally within the next Creative Depth Coach Certification, you can apply in the classroom, anytime through the sessions.

Time-Limited Offering, we begin February 8th!

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Learn how creative depth techniques and tools offer insight, healing, wisdom and resources that will support your life, work and creative connections.

  • Explore the benefits of this unique creative coaching approach.
  • Learn how to use your art as a catalyst for healing and wholeness.
  • Enhance your understanding of Jungian depth and experiential process.
  • Expand art as process to access to aligned awareness and divine direction.
  • Activate the deeper stories of who you are, what matters most and living a life you love.

Topics include: Deep Diving in Transition Times, Intuitive Path for Empaths + Introverts, The Alchemy of Art PLUS live sessions on Creative Play, Deepening Trust, Active Expansion, Interviews and Q+A call!


FREE Masterclass Series + Sessions :: February 8-17, 2021

Sign up here and register to receive welcome emails, details and access. You will receive reminders for access, live sessions and video replay!

The replay page has video, plus added imagery, prompts and process to extend the creative conversation!

Time-Limited Series only open through March 1st!

Starts February 8, 2021