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Ignite Creative Kit

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Exclusive Cards + Kit for:

IGNITE: Evoking the Archetypes of Midlife

KIT is full of Delight – see the details and Sneak Peek Video below!

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82 Exclusive Cards + Images

Kit Value $56 | Only One Kit per person

Kit includes:

1 – Archetypes of Midlife Map

1 – Archetypes of Midlife Symbol Key

1 – Archetypal Energies Viewfinder [Wheel]

24 – Oracle She Cards

27 – Symbols Cards (3 of each type)

12 – Portal Cards

6 – Lunar/Solar Compass

          4 – Pathways Cards

3 – Botanical Moon Cards

3 – Full Moon/New Moon Cards

3 – Spiral Path Cards

3 – Star Cards


Sneak Peek Video:

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ONLY One Kit per person, please.

PS. New Cards will be offered in a bundled refill kit, available for a short time only. These will be released after the first 3 weeks of the eCourse to order as you continue to create. You may order refills of individual or bundled cards types that are already avaialbe in the shop but these exclusive cards are only for this eCourse!

Order and add materials in the shop, if you wish – you can add a few small products I will refund the extra shipping if we can fit them in the same box.

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