Creative Depth Program
& Certification

This Advanced Path program is a three phase learning journey designed for wisdom seekers, teachers, artists, guides, healers and facilitators who want to experience and develop a Jungian based depth psychology approach, using art as process, narrative coaching and experiential practice.

Are you yearning to connect more deeply to your own path, to develop and expand your unique work in the world? 

Are you seeking nurturing and dynamic ways to cultivate deeper healing, connection, expression and expansion?

Are you ready to explore, expand, reshape and align your life while learning to lead and guide using the creative coaching approach, depth techniques and tools?

The Creative Depth Approach incorporates myth, symbol, metaphor, and meaning using art, psycho-spiritual and esoteric approaches, with emotional resiliency and applied practice offered at all levals of experience.

Explore and expand your vision, abilities and instincts, while learning a highly creative and intuitive approach to guiding, coaching, holding and growing.

This program has been enhanced and expanded in 2022. Our ninth year of advanced path training also offers a PHASE design with options for personal and professional development embedded throughout.

  • Begin in Phase One to gain deep appreciation for the tools and materials that are foundational to this work.
  • Dive deep into the principles of healing, transformation and developmental growth.
  • Develop a robust understanding and practice of creative exploration using Art as Process
  • Experience the myriad benefits of depth work, journey work and creative coaching through the lens of self-as-client, learning to lead as you move phase to phase.

What's in the Program & Certification?

Deepen your experience as you expand your awareness.

Discover the power of narrative coaching, expressive art and transformative practice using distinctive structures offered throughout the program.

Support your personal growth and your work in the world with the Creative Depth Program + Certification


1:1 Coaching

Focused Workshops + Small Group Sessions 

Three Phase Experience + Module Learning

Training + Professional Development at each phase.

Virtual Studio Gatherings

Immersive Learning Opportunities

Business Mastermind

Extended Completion

Alumni Community



Online Platform + Unique Learning Environment

  • An interactive, well designed, online university platform with 24/7 access
  • NEW* Three Phases with distincting purpose and focus
  • Content rich training materials
  • Mythic themes with aligned core concepts
  • Creative and experiential tools, advanced techniques and project potential
  • Interactive Zoom Calls
  • Immersive Learning
  • Virtual Retreat + Creative Sessions
  • Individual (Private) + Group Coaching
  • Bonus support: Business Building, Mastermind and Mentoring offered in the combined Phase 2 & 3
  • Peer exchange, post-program alumni connection and ongoing development

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Next Cohort begins September 2022.

Start with Phase One or choose the Full Program to receive Bonus Mentoring, Training + Extra Savings


Full Pay or Payment Plan options! 

The Program Design + Benefits

Phase One - Inner Journey
Depth + Discovery

 4 Months

Phase Two - Deepening Journey
Mapping the Path

6 Months

Phase Three - Completion Journey
Project + Certification

1-2 Months

Enter in with Phase One

Phase One
Depth + Discovery


Depth + Discovery is a 4 Month Program 

Phase One of Creative Depth Coach Certification offers profound insights and immediate opportunity for Personal Growth and Professional Expansion.

You receive Dedicated Classroom, Modules, Group Sessions, Immersive Learning, Seed + Deepening Sessions (Private Coaching) 

You will learn:

  • The Power of Experiential Process
  • The Pillars of Creative Depth
  • Sacred Stories + Narrative Process
  • Principles of Depth, Healing, and Creative Connection.
  • Shadow, Shame + Providing Safety in Process
  • Developmental Stages + Emotional Awareness
  • Myth, Symbol + Reflective Experience
  • Sacred Journey Training | Level One
  • Integrated Practice using Unique Coaching Tools

Phase 1 Completion

At the end of CDCC Phase One completion, you will receive Certificate of Completion with Sacred Journey Process Training | Level One and JourneyCircles™ Facilitator

Phase Two
Mapping the Path

Mapping the Path is a 6 Month Continuum - offered soon after Phase One for easy flow. Here you are moving into the deeper development of depth work and coaching.

Phase Two & Phase Three are combined, and include certification!

Phase Two extends and expands your personal and professional work as you explore the dynamics and specific needs around personal and collective grief, loss and resiliency, with cycles of change guiding awareness and renewal.

Through self as client and coach as bridge, you will gain expanded awareness of the potential for healing and wholeness - a cornerstone for this body of work, using art as process and creative depth work to build skills.


You receive Dedicated Classroom, Modules, Group Sessions, Immersive Learning, Six Deepening + Completion Sessions (Private Coaching)

You will learn to:

  • Integrate principles of depth coaching, expressive art, transformative process, advanced applied process using multimodal expressive arts and structuring.
  • Focus on core elements of guiding self and client-based work though fields of grief, loss, healing, parts work, trauma informed inquiry, archetypal awareness and evolutionary growth.
  • Develop personal expressive art and narrative coaching techniques to support healing, transformation and change
  • Deepen your understanding of personal experience as a conduit of depth coaching skill building, through the materials that include advanced Sacred Journey, Myth & Metaphor
  • Develop personal or professional touchstones with vision, values and purpose
  • Understand principles of process, practice and patterns of growth and wholeness
  • Develop clear ethics and boundaries for depth coaching and blended process
  • Utilize the Three Mastermind and Business Building modules, with supportive group process
  • Move into Completion and Certification

Phase Three
Practice + Certification

You will have choice of approach, extended time and be supported in growing or expanding your coaching experience as you work with practicum client(s) and develop next steps with Business Mastermind materials, this is a seamless and supported transition as Phase Two & Phase Three are combined, with no additional fees for completion and certification.

Create the culmination of your program to collect and express the full experience, unique voice and vision of your work in the world.

  • Directed Completion Materials
  • Supported Practicum
  • Celebrate with a Final Call, Review and Certification Affirmation
  • Incorporate depth work in all levels of personal and professional life.
  • Continue to join peers in Private Alumni Group and Biannual Coach Calls
  • Offerings to deepen your experience include Supervision Group, Retreats and more.

Phase 2 & 3 Completion & Certification

At the end of Phase 2 & 3 , which are combined and concurrent, you will have the distinctions of Phase One and add Creative Depth Coach Certification and the Facilitation Distinction of Sacred Journey Process Guide.

Choose Your Path ~ Two Ways to Pay!



Phase One with Individual Coaching (2 Sessions)
- 6 Payments Option

$1900 US
$333 US x 6

Phase Two & Three with Individual Coaching (6 Sessions)
- 12 Payments Option

$3900 US
$333 US x 12



Full Program | Phase 1, 2 + 3 with Individual Coaching (8 Sessions)
- 18 Payments Option

$5800 US
$333 US x 18


Ask about Full Pay Bonus + Benefits!

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*Full Program offers special savings, benefits and bonuses, including Mentoring Sessions and Special Programs Access. Get on the Early Bird Liist for Fall 2022 and explore your options!

The Experience

You will experience advanced and flexible adult learning, while exploring multimodal materials, depth process, and narrative coaching.

The program offers multiple theories, psycho-spiritual methodologies, creative approaches, applied process includes developmental ethics, practicum, business building.

Offered in a three phase learning journey, the program includes interactive online classroom, extened learning opportunities, group process and individual coaching!

Using core concepts and defined process we move through sacred journey, grief and shadow work, transitioning to resiliency - deepening resonance, path and purpose, developmental growth, the dynamics of healing, expression and expansion.

“Once this practice is developed and embodied, through the program, there is a way of seeing the world that is very different than before. I have found a level of confidence and comfort in how I operate as a professional, integrated in ways that offer me more than I could have ever expected.”

- Creative Depth Coach Certification Graduate


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About Cat As founder of JourneyPath Institute, Cat Caracelo has designed Creative Depth Training, Programs and Certification, guiding thousands of women in depth and journey process. She works internationally with individuals and groups, guiding process with healing, depth, discovery and professional development. 


“The creative depth coaching process provided me a new source of insight, inspiration and income, as I was able to develop my style and provide a powerful coaching design to my clients.”

~ Creative Depth Coach Certification Graduate


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