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Creative Journey | 30 Days of Mythos


A Creative Journey that offers thirty days of prompts, images and easy access art making, perfect for those beginning to explore art as process and the exciting ways that journey process reveals the deeper layers of life.

Creative Journey offers a fun and easy way to become familiar with simple art as process, exploring daily prompts, journey work and supportive concepts such as marking and mapping to expand your art and life.

This is a thirty day process and practice, that invites you to slow down, open up, notice, engage, translate and create.


Perfect for “I’m not-creative”, “I’m a closet creative” and “I’m returning to creative” to have an opportunity to dip in. If you have not experienced layered journey work before this might be a great first step for you.

The self-guided classroom offers a simple and quiet way to make conscious connections, engage the creative, mark and map your experience in any art form including gathering, doodling, simple image play and more.

Art-making and creative experience will happen in a variety of ways with invitational space to explore. Enjoy the journey and notice what happened when one experience connects to another.

You will receive:

  • Forever Access to the Virtual Self-Guided Classroom
  • Creative Exploration
  • Art as Process Videos
  • Ease in + 30 days of easy access materials and journey prompts
  • Evocative images and suggestions for creating in simple ways
  • Wisdom Quotes and Inspiration