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Circling the Sacred Journey | eCourse, Kit + Tools


This eCourse, offered with forever access and a custom Kit will illustrate the Sacred Journey, and inspire you to create a framework around the phases of experience and enhance the creative depth approach to art and life.

Explore  your own current journey and using art as process create a guiding path for this year. Explore the potential of this model and work with new techniques and tools, cards and materials.

Circling the Sacred Journey is being offered as a Self-Paced Foundations eCourse. 

This eCourse + Exclusive Kit will both illustrate and inspire you to create a framework around the Sacred Journey Model as an ongoing creative experience and depth process.

You will explore your own current journey and using art as process, you will create a guiding path for this year, working with stages of the journey using imagery, symbols and phase change experiences. Explore the potential of this model and work with new techniques and tools, cards and materials.

This program will enhance your own art making process, offering powerful ways to play, engage discovery, redefine meaningful moments and expand experience through the lens of creative depth.

The materials will invite you to create and experience the potential of the journey experience through the practical, imaginal and creative.

Easy art making using collage and mixed media will enhance your understanding of how this process will clarify, activate, create conscious connections that actualize  how the Sacred Journey guides your life.

As a cornerstone of JourneyPath Institute understanding the various ways you as a traveler can engage your own Sacred Journey is intended to be both healing and empowering. It has been important to me over the years to expand the language of the Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey to be more expansive, inclusive, non-binary, encompassing one’s identity and experience in the journey, as a multifaceted individual.

Expand your experience of being in the journey!


For Kit + Forever Access eCourse + Kit

The Sacred Journey Model is supported with TWO brand new exclusive tools. The beautifully designed linear and round double sided reference models will be useful for years as you continue to explore the journey – bring them in to all of your creative play, as clarifiers and conduits. You will also receive cards, materials and set of three special dice that will be used in amazing creative ways through each lesson.

You will activate your journey work with seven lessons and you will use these simple and evocative tools to learn and be guided. The language of the Sacred Journey invites you to travel in any shape, form, honoring identity and information birthed of experiential art making, moving through various phases of our journey. The Sacred Journey Model is birthed out of a desire to create language that evokes and inspires, and is inclusive.


The materials offered for this eCourse will enhance and support other expressive art forms! The symbolism embedded in the cards will expand the language of your life and offer easy ways to play with collage, mixed media and more.

Bring your favorite creative ways to this self-paced course – perfect for any complementary expressive art such as SoulCollage®,  JourneyCircles™  and Art Journaling.

Creative process videos are offered throughout the class and you can bring in your own art to explore the themes.

You will learn, create and explore:

  • The Journey + the Field
  • The Mythic River
  • The Sacred Journey Model
  • Layers, Stages + Phases of Experience
  • Transformational Meaning, Messages + Movement
  • Wayfinding + New Knowledge
  • Shifting Perspective as a Developmental Tool
  • Phases of Change + Embodied Experience
  • Enhancing Art + Life

Course + Kit includes a dedicated forever access classroom, weeks of lessons, videos,  audios, worksheets and interactive creative play. Enjoy the replays (recorded and live). The  community and share space is available and archived.

BEST of ALL, you will receive a materials kit sent to you with the exclusive and new: Sacred Journey Kit with the brand new Interactive Tools, 18 Journey Cards (*brand new design), 14 Transformation cards, three Key cards and one Compass card and the special pack of three dice designed to enhance your creative prompts!

Begin Anytime – Now offered as Self Guided!
Three Hour Virtual Retreat and Two Check In sessions are open and PRERECORDED!