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Creative Depth Coach Certification | Early Spring 2022

Creative Depth Coach Certification is an advanced training program, with a powerful curriculum and experiential learning environment. The comprehensive program includes principles of depth work, core concepts such as Jungian theory, parts work, and narrative coaching, advanced use of multi-modal creative process, symbol, myth and metaphor, with a strong emphasis on layered process.

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Does depth work, myth, esoteric approaches, psycho-spiritual theories and connecting with mind-body-spirit fascinate you?

This is an opportunity to dive deeper into transformation, using depth work, psycho-spiritual approaches, journey work and creative coaching process to enhance your work in the world.

Designed for individuals who are lifelong learners, seekers and creatives ready to take their personal and professional work to the next level, the program offers powerful tools for transformative change using a Jungian psycho-spiritual approach.

Creative Depth Coaching Certification is an extended professional program created by JourneyPath Institute founder Cat Caracelo that is delivered with cohort style advanced training, bonus tools and individual coaching.