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Creative Depth Coach Certification | September 20, 2020!

Creative Depth Coach Certification (CDCC)

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Support your personal growth and professional expansion with the Creative Depth Coaching approach.


  • Global Interactive Classroom + Share Space
  • 1:1 Coaching, Group Sessions + Virtual Studio Gatherings
  • Monthly Materials: Core Concepts, Experiential Process + Mythic Themes
  • Extended Completion + Alumni Community

Creative Depth Coach Certification is a ten-month module advanced training program, with a powerful curriculum and experiential learning environment. The comprehensive program includes principles of depth work, core concepts such as Jungian theory, parts work, and narrative coaching, advanced use of multi-modal creative process, symbol, myth and metaphor, with a strong emphasis on layered process. The program includes group calls, coaching, business mastermind and is offered as a stepping stone experience over three distinctive trimesters: Self as Client, Coach as Bridge and Applied Process.