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Free Workbook | August Moons 2023


Free Gift – August Moons 2023 Workbook
Open your awareness to the magic moments of this months moon phases and astro-energetic events! Create art and explore your stories with this PDF download.


I am excited to share this GIFT!

*only active through August 31st

Get your Free PDF Workbook – receive an immediate download!

Created for August 2023 to inspire your life and add to the energies and influence with a potent cycle of moon to moon!

This is my delight to create and gift this new workbook for August 2023, that offers a special experience with this months mythic moon and astro-energetic inspiration!

Discover how your art-making and visual narrative fuels creative connection as you explore the 16 page workbook and use the images and energies to deepen your understanding of your own seasonal rhythms & phases.





This is a perfect time to seek your stories that will be illuminated with this months moon cycles with:

  •  Full Moon at Lammas
  • 8:8 Lions Gate
  • Two Full Moon Supermoons
  • New Moon
  • Blue Moon

Each Moon will assist you in activating the natural rhythms of seasonal influence, unique sources of influence and portals of discovery!