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Archetypal Children Bundle #10


60 Pathway Cards

Mixed Images (26 image options)

*email cat to request Moon and Night Sky Series only (6-8 images mixed)

Child Archetype Deck, Wheel + Guidebook

#10 for $310 [Limited Offer]

Gorgeous and evocative original art frames each of the 36 child archetypes cards in this magnificent oversized oracle deck.
Enhanced with both a large full color guidebook and separate archetypal wheel, this deck offers a unique way to discover the mythic children who live within your own life story.
This deck is a complement for those who are fascinated by esoteric and psycho-spiritual awareness, reflecting a Jungian approach to depth, archetypes and parts of self work.

Of particular benefit and use with the depth coaching approach!

Value $44.95 each

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