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Alchemy of the Heart + Wild Essence

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Alchemy of the Heart + Wild Essence is a ten week eCourse Series that will inspire art and life though healing, activation and transformation. As you travel into, with pain, allowing it to change as you uncover and discover your true self…the new self. Explore art as process, parts of self, archetypal energies, mythic moments and personal experience within a powerful two-part journey process. Begins June 30th 

Welcome to Alchemy of the Heart + Wild Essence! 

This is a 10-Week “live and led” journey eCourse where you are invited to dive deep! Travel in a community of women, “artists of life” exploring art as process. You will connect within the journey experience using a creative path of discovery, where easy creative process and image energies will draw your stories to the surface of your life.

This course will offer space for deep healing as you move through the landscape of tears and fears to restore and RESTORY the true nature that is essential to who you are and who you are becoming!


  • Do you want to activate deeper healing using art as process?
  • Ready to learn the techniques of visual narrative as a catalyst for transformation and change?
  • Are you being called to experience deep and aligned transformation?

Yes?  then this Alchemy + Essence journey process was created just for YOU!

This journey will bring you into new relationship and awareness of your life, your stories and how you can travel with them – this is for creative who are excited to learn, discover and deepen one’s understanding of how to work with art as process.

I have been anticipating this season of weaving dreams, releasing pain and discovering a new vision for the next phase of life; this is where you can connect to the heart as an alchemical healer and discover the source of your inner wisdom.

This eCourse journey is designed to offer sacred creative place where you are healing deep and using art and life to activate awakening, renewal, remembering and reclaiming.


If you have dipped into some of my offerings before, but you’ve never done a Mythos Journey Course – this is your time!

This short course is power packed for all – artists of life, closet creatives, newcomers to the power of journey and long time conscious creatives. If you love creating and enjoy the depth of self-discovery through art as a path to active healing, wholeness and visioning, then this will be the perfect way to dive deeper!

Remember, it’s a 10-week process with forever access offered to help you to: 

  • Find clarity of your own purpose and path as you embrace new possibilities.
  • Build a strong relationship with self and activate deeper intuition.
  • Experience energy, movement and joy as you travel with a small group of kindred women.


Alchemy of the Heart and Wild Essence, offers a luscious space of 10 +  weeks. 

We travel together June 30 – September 10th, with open and active share forum through October! Use any simple art as process to explore – our video library offers tools such as collage, mixed media and process paining – you can explore the many creative ways that are and inspire the full expression of self.

Seek your known and unknown stories as you create with images, symbols and form using your favorite art materials. We will be working with a variety of modalities such as art journaling, altered art, assemblage, fiber arts, intuitive painting and paper arts, including specific collage forms such as SoulCollage® and JourneyCircles™.

Art is a language of the soul.

Open to the mystery of your own experiential process, where intuitive and intentional creativity meet depth work and visioning!

Week to week we will be mapping the path, in full discovery as archetypes come close to inspire.

Journey with archetypes like: 

  • the alchemist, the healer, the creatrix and the wisdom-keeper
  • the nature child, the forest dancer, the bone singer, the vision-bringer
  • the queen of the seas, the gypsy dancer, priestess on the path and weaver of the ways

These are examples of the inner and outer guides who will move through the journey process with you, to inform, inspire and guide your life.

You will begin to experience the dance of intuitive and intentional creative process informing and inspiring you…this is where depth, visioning and transformation are activated in the mythic realm and where your stories come alive.


What You Receive:

  • The Alchemy + Essence Global Classroom with forever access to written, audio and video materials
  • Ten Weeks of Creative Lessons, with Art Invitations, Video/Audio and more…
  • Weekly Guided Meditations
  • Five Virtual Retreats Gatherings to work with themes and creative energies [Zoom “live” and recorded]
  • Abundant group sharing and creative inspiration
  • A Private Facebook group
  • Guided meditations for art, journey and deep discovery
  • Easy access for all materials and recordings in one dedicated space!


Alchemy of the Heart + Wild Essence eCourse Series



When we gather, we invite the collective energy of deep discovery, seeking and finding the hidden places in our art, seeking the richness that will invite life to be fully expressed. You will be invited to explore Alchemy of the Heart over the first four weeks and then we will naturally move into harnessing, harvesting and celebrating our Wild Essence to determine the new story that is calling us forward! 


Mythos Journey work is a powerful catalyst offering transformational experience that invites you to engage your stories and discover a place where art and insights activate extraordinary new energy and outcomes. Within the journey, you will:

  • Experience the intimacy and trust that is forged in a safe and sacred creative circle.
  • Build a strong relationship with self and activate deeper intuition.
  • Initiate healing and wholing within the creative process, recognizing how and where change is active in your art and life.
  • Develop a living language of personal myth, metaphor, symbolism and image based narrative in this guided journey.
  • Empower your choices and play with new expressions of the authentic self, as a moving and voiced energy.
  • Find clarity of your own purpose and path as you embrace new possibilities.
  • Create art in all ways, exploring your own creative source, style and purpose, becoming an artist of life.
  • Experience energy, movement and joy as you travel with a tribe of kindred women.

Take advantage of all the offers, bonus, forever access, five “live” group calls, and deep connection.


We begin on June 30th!

I can’t wait for you to experience this journey!


[VIDEO] More about Creative Mapping >>>


Frequently Asked Questions:

New to this work?

Art is a potent way to tell your story and language your life…you will literally find new ways to BE, SEE, FEEL and FLOW in this eCourse.

I can’t make “Art”:

Calling all closet creatives, you will play with mark-making and collage using images, symbols and colors – art as process invites you to feel into your experience. Art created to connect within as you are in process, is very different than art-making with an emphasis on fine art technique. To feel the whole heart, within the journey, is our task. You will have access to a video library with the welcome letter, useful for exploring easy creative ways.

How will we create?

Newcomers to the journey and long time conscious creatives love the guided journey meditations that inspire, along with weekly video and written art invitations, we will be bathing for zoom video group sessions each two weeks!

“I can’t make the calls”

All group calls are recorded and are offered in the “forever access” classroom! You have plenty of time to download the videos or audio recordings, and then can listen later as you are creating!



What women are saying about Mythos Journey eCourses:

“I have done so much healing and wholing work in a year’s time within Mythos Journey classes. With much clearing out of old unwanted stories, and unneeded stuff, I have room and energy internally and out to take in so much more of my life.”

“Mythos Journey is the perfect blend of inspiration, structure and creative freedom.”

“Working with Cat has brought greater awareness and consciousness to how I am living my life—I feel seen, acknowledged and deeply inspired by her.”

“Cat is a tremendously wise and compassionate guide and coach.”

“I enjoyed journeying with my fellow journey-sisters who bring their own amazing insights, shared experience and sisterhood in this circle.”


Refund Policy:

Refund is not available for Mythos Journey eCourses, you commit to full payment with your registration, deposit or payment in full, based on the time frame indicated in this eCourse. In return, you receive a rich thematic curriculum with program materials that can be used in many ways, through the scheduled class calls and beyond with forever access to self-guided classroom and materials and recordings after the initial program is complete.