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Save My Space – Quest Sisters Only $5


Circle in with your Sisters of the Quest, we begin a new journey under a Full Moon, on October 20, 2021!

Quest Sister – Special Rates for QuestPath 2021-2022

QuestPath: Sacred Wheel + Year of Mythos Journey

Women of my Heart!

QuestPath and all we experience is a gift and as always I want to honor those of you who participate from one year to the next!

This is a simple way to say YES to the new journey beginning October 20th, and get a deeper discount!

*it seems early but its not and you will see ads coming out here and there so you get this discount first!

I want to invite you to QuestPath 2021 – 2022, where you will meet the Soul of the Grove, new archetypal presence for each season as we turn with the Sacred Wheel and you will uncover a secret language, discover your own subtle nature and more in this creative journey experience. I have some very special newly designed gifts for you to enjoy in this years Quest. They will be offered and gifted for no cost [*please note, self-pay shipping will apply].

This years Gift includes:

New Wheels, 8 deluxe “Soul of the Grove” Archetypal Ogham Cards, a special talisman and a small sampling of specially designed Pathway, Portal and Circles cards PLUS you will receive downloadable worksheets in this years program.

Look for the gift order form + self-pay shipping information, via email, in early October.

For Quest Sisters Only — benefits!

  • Save Your Seat with $5
  • SAVE $400 off the Current Price
  • Only $599 for Full Pay OR Payments $66 x 9
  • OR you can request Extended Payments $50 x 12
  • Returning Quest Sisters always get the best discount!
  • This save your seat offer is time limited – pricing goes up on Sept. 30!

The Full Page with Details + 2020-2021 Schedule, is here >>>

We will be calling in a new mythic orientation to Quest with the Soul of the Grove offering new source, symbols, energies and lore!





For Returning Quest Sisters ONLY:

#1 Reserve your class reservation with $5 payment.

#2 Invoice starts October 21st!

#3 Your invoice will come set up for $66 payments (x 9) and you can pay in full, at any time.

#4 If you need to discuss an alternate plan contact me through the form below.

#5 If you want to enhance your experience with Quest Coaching please use the form below to get a 1:1 check in session with me right away! 





QuestPath Requests

    Send me the details of session and package options.