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12 Moon Tokens in Velvet Bag


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May the Moon bring you illumination and blessings!


Purchase all 12 moon message tokens, in ONE special velvet bag! Choose all 12 pewter tokens for gifting and creative play. Perfect to enhance your creative exploration with art and process. Use these tokens as blessings, gifts or talismans. Save $5 on 12, as compared to purchasing single tokens and get all the moon messages!

Each is a messenger, amplifier and connector to expand your creative insights!

You will receive ALL TWELVE special messages – each pewter token, to shine a light in the dark:

  • May you see the beauty of your own soul in all you do
  • May you celebrate yourself
  • May the blessings of the moon and stars light your path
  • May the light always find you, even on the darkest night
  • May wonder and beauty fill your heart
  • May you light the way
  • May the Moon and Stars shine their healing light on you
  • May your heart be a light of love and understanding
  • May you always remember, you are never alone
  • May you follow your heart and believe in your dreams
  • May you shine brightly even when no one sees
  • May the road always lead where you need to be

You may choose to purchase as gifts, using in circles as blessings or as a grab bag to enhance your gatherings.

You will receive 12 Moon Message Cards with your 12 Tokens in one special velvet bag!

Only 2 left in stock