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MoonCircles™ offer a collage and mixed-media practice for women's circles personal + professional use to promote connection, wisdom + wild.

Art as Inner Exploration

The cards offer process for reflecting and mapping your own inner knowing by creating collaged and mixed-media cards that guide and support healing, expression and expansion.

The process is held by principles of depth work, expressive arts and transformative process. Working with visual narrative develops an inner language that offers an opportunity to consciously experience and expand on symbolic, archetypal, mythic and metaphoric energies.

Unique Creative Approach

The process offers a simple creative modality with profound and deep results. With circular cards offering a unique symbolic container each piece of art holds a story, and serves as a single reflective container, a mirror, a moon or a womb. Together these cards connect, nest and interact, informing one another, creating a sense of journey, connection and constellation. These stories revealed in the cards are used to help you expand and energize new possibilities for your life.

Expanded Process

With JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ your art becomes a tool for reflecting and connecting to your inner wisdom. As you create on each card, you will see and feel below the surface of your life to discover known and unknown stories. Using an art as process approach, you will notice where the card holds its own energy and symbolism that offers new knowledge. Meet a part of your inner story and be inspired to explore with the archetypal and symbolic energy that reflects who you and who you are becoming.

The MoonCircles™ Process

MoonCircles™ Cards:

  • moons-cards-light

    The Moon Card is an important and more recent addition to the JourneyCircles™ family. These cards offer double sided imagery, representing the Dark Moon and the Full Moon, offering potent creative space for exploring connection, reflection, phases, shadow, light and gifts offered by the symbolic and mythic moon.

  • specialty-shapes-4inx4in-circle-front

    The Star Card holds the Celestial Mandala and the Pleiades Star Field, offering energy of harmony and balance, completion and rebirth.This card can be used to offer archetypal connection, visionary insight, connection with divination and oracle energies and more.

  • IMG_3672 2

    The Night Compass holds the symbols of the astrological wheel and a Crescent Moon illuminated by the rays of the sun in the center, symbolizing new beginnings, with four alchemical elements holding the directions. The Night Compass can be used to offer wisdom of the night sky, navigation, connection with astrological energies and more.

Moon cards provide a visual template that you can create with, exploring your wisdom + wild.

Each side is prepared for collage or mixed media, and the potent symbolism of the Full Moon and the New Moon offer energy and guidance for your creative process and life-journey.

You may use the cards to explore expression and experience more deeply, applying intuitive and intentional visual narrative.

The cards are receptive and reflective tools, used in combination with JourneyCircles™ cards they create dynamic patterns with story, archetype and mythic constellations that provide insight and information.

Create Magic with MoonCircles™

Create with MoonCircles™


Kit, Guidebook + How To

Includes MoonCircles™ Bag, MoonCircles™ cards, Full Color Guidebook, Access to Getting Started Classroom + How-To Videos

As featured in Choice Magazine

Experience a Connected Journey

meeting the moon eCourse

Connect + Explore with MoonCircles™ eCourse

Includes self-paced eCourse, a Kit of materials for this class sent to your home.  Global Classroom, Guided Lessons + Forever Access

Express Your Wisdom + Wild 

Facilitator Training Bundle

Online Facilitator Training

Expand your personal and/or professional practice in this self-paced, guided and Forever Access training PLUS ongoing staff support, materials + BONUS

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JourneyCircles™ featured in Choice Magazine

Featured in Choice Magazine for Professional Coaches:

"Collage has long been a powerful tool for visioning, self exploration and personal expression. Cat Caracelo takes it to a new level with JourneyCircles™... if you like to dive deep in your coaching or lead transformational workshops, you will love this tool."

"Cat Caracelo is a master at teaching and guiding depth process; visual narrative, archetype and symbol as applied transformational processes."

"...As you work with each of these processes opportunities for powerful guiding and coaching will naturally emerge."


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