Sisterhood + Pearl Diving

Exploring the ancient practice of pearl diving offers another resource within our Selkie Sisters community.

The practice of pearl diving has been established for thousands of years in Japan, Korea and Thailand, as a sisterhood experience. They offer mythic and metaphoric inspiration for ur journey, as we travel month to month.

The traditional Japanese Ama are women who dive together seeking both the precious pearls formed in the oyster and also gathering food from the sea. Women were taught and mentored in this practice because of their ability to stay warm, using natural body fat that assisted in buoyancy and provided safety when moving into the depth.

Video #1

Get to know the women divers – link to first video here >> takes you to YouTube.

Video #2

Modern Ama diver tells her story of the ocean…

Video #3

Now you may want to travel into the deep through dance and explore your own Selkie, inspired by dance/free diver Julie Gautier:

Video #4:

Listen to Julie share about her creative process and how much her words are akin to our creative practice within Selkie Sisters.