New to the Guided Journey Experience

Exploring Guided Journey, Shamanic Journey, Guided Imagery and Active Imagination

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For those who are not familiar with this type of guided process, I offer Guided Journey using tone, voice, pace and ambient sound to guide you to enter into your inner world, visualize it through your minds eye – as you would in a day or night dream.

With this process comes a familiar entering place that can be adapted and adjusted, it is yours, therefore known and safe. You are experiencing the unfolding as you visualize, and you will go to what is ready to be known or better understood. The psyche and the journey is designed to serve, healing, wholeness and expansion.

I will guide you down into an intuitive place, what I call the inner realm, it is a place that is held within your own psyche, it is both conscious and sub-conscious space.

  • I will guide you with loose descriptive visualizations, into what Carl Jung called the Imaginal Realm.
  • My voice replacing a drum…I will be at times using similar cadence as a shaman offers in traditional settings.
  • I guide intuitively based on the group, the theme and the journey…there is never a script.
  • I will at times meet the energy of our journey process and add in other types of reflections, through tone and rhythm.
  • As I guide, I walk near by…making the path clear and safe for the journey of each individual.
  • I describe some details to lead you forward but YOU guide your own passage and there is ample creative space for your own unique experience.

Many of us are able to experience vivid visual images and places. Alternately, some feel the journey, rather than see it; receiving glimmers of information, through color, sensation, sound, taste and smell. At time you may fall asleep and not remember your experience, but the experience will serve you as you move into creative process.

Whatever your experience is, within the journey process, it will serve you and your creative intuition. Your way is yours and it is and important source of inspiration.

This imaginal realm is active and becomes lived experience. Our body and brain does not differentiate what is seen, felt and understood. As your explore the experience in parallel process (art-making, dance, writing, etc) the aspects of the journey that are important, will surface.

Everything serves your inner knowing. When inside of this process, you may be in a gentle trance state (which is similar to REM or an altered state that art-making can bring). You are aware and always have the power to choose direction, go another way or return to the place of beginning. If you feel uncomfortable or want to change what you are experiencing, honor yourself and make a different choice at any time.

Through the journey process we are seeking information in a deeper way, accessing our own wisdom. The results of this experience may be like active dreaming, or you may feel it drift away, like a night dream that disappears son after waking, leaving only a hint of its substance. Other times you may have a vivid experience that brings strong insight.

Often we don’t know the meaning of the visualization experience for some time, but the information knows itself and is activated, powerfully useful as we begin a journey, a creative process, a time of healing or initiate a period of transformation.

The Guided Journey is lived experience…it is understood in the brain and body as lived experience.

Creative Interplay is a powerful tool that can enhance your experience. When exploring the active symbolic information, you will support the creative unfolding. The journey experience alone is parallel to art-making and your imagery, art, writing, musing may reflect the journey in detail to expand experience, but it does not have to.

Notice if a specific picture of your experience is wanting to be birthed. This can be a place of getting caught up in what you think the image, energy, meaning of your experience is, or is supposed to be. Art-making or exploring art as process, invites the thinking mind to release expectation and connect with the deeper layers of intuitive creative. Breathe your self out of the mind and move into your belly when you need to release and reset and connect with creative expression.

You may want to make a few notes and then as you intuitively work with materials you may find that other facets of your journey are coming to the surface. The energy of engaging with image, symbol, color and form, is a moving experience.