Our New Forum + Moving OFF Facebook for Our Groups

Come over to check out our BEAUTIFUL sister space…

JOIN US at: belong.journeypathinsitute.com

This is where new programing, groups and communication will start to flourish!

The open spaces are called Get Started and Gathering Wisdom

The private groups are here too, and new classes will include our AMAZING Classrooms (no changes are planned there!) PLUS a new group space will be added and held within this Community!

*looks like and works like FB — super familiar to use BUT with no extra supercharged intensity, a feed full of distractions or ads and this offers MORE SACRED SPACE to focus on conscious, creative, depth and discovery!


What you will see when you Join:

  • Sign In!
  • Your Feed is on the left.
  • Open forums are below.
  • Look for Get Started (where I have posted some how to’s and welcome materials) and Gathering Wisdom (our open community space for free offerings, inspired posts, creative process, videos and more).
  • All of the private Programs and Groups are listed, too…if you are part of a private group you will be invited in via email or post!
  • Change your Profile, on the left – add a photo, add bio info and set notifications (you can change each group you are in to receive email notification or in system notification) using the small Gear Icon.
  • Looks like Facebook – easy to post, use emojis, add images and more!
  • Full choice for use and flow, without the intensity, noise, ads and distractions.
  • Bookmark this space to come and play!

Come to experience the new energy here at Community at JourneyPath Insitute.

This is a space where you BELONG!