Presenting the Oracle She Card

I wanted to share my inspiration that birthed the new Oracle She card…

This beautiful and energized card is newly designed to be a significant part of the new course/program working with Archetypes of Midlife, and she is so much more.

My love for Oracle She has been with me since I was a small child – listen to some of my stories, the mythic inspiration that inspired my life and travels. I am imagining that this potent energy that has followed me through the years will invite something to spark within you!

What is it about midlife and wisdom years…here is what I shared in a recent masterclass — we are always in the middle of this moment – that is Midlife – being in the Midst of life!

Oracle She is the mirror, the archetypal mirror of the vast and abiding potential of inner wisdom and intuitive knowing – so just imagine what you will create within the space of these divine cards!


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