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JourneyPath Institute promotes integrative depth work, transformative process and expressive art to support healing, wholeness and expansion.

Engaging the journey will guide you along Three Paths: Dip-In, Deep-Dive & Find Flow.

Each pathway will support you own discovery and enhance the power of Healing into Wholeness, Mythic Remembering and the Art as Alchemy.

All pathways are inspired with intuitive, creative and wisdom based learning, where experiential process becomes a profound way to ignite conscious awareness and change.

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  • The Healing Path guides you in personal growth in times of transition and change. Explore your inner stories and sources of grief, loss, pain, shame and vulnerability, finding organic ways through art as process and journey work to meet deeper healing. The path of healing leads to gathering wisdom. As transformation takes place, insight and awareness is discovered, expressed and empowered.
    To explore this path, choose eCourses and Individual Coaching.


  • The Mythic Path moves you deeper into the imaginal realm, where more of the esoteric, psycho-spiritual and Jungian approaches are developed along with deepening the power of art-making as a catalyst. You will experience the power of guided journey, shamanic awareness, art as ritual and dreaming ways, expanding your personal myth to include powerful symbolic and ancient sources of inspiration.
    To explore this path, choose Mythos Journey eCourses, October brings the QuestPath Year, Individual Coaching and Facilitator Training.


  • The Alchemy Path offers deep myth work and advanced path work, intended to enrich personal empowerment and expansion. The path of alchemy advances the body of one's work, how it is expressed personally, through the lens of higher self, archetypal energies, identity and professionally through exploring one's skills, abilities, strengths and offerings.
    To explore this path, choose Individual Coaching, Learning Journey eCourses, Facilitator Training, August/September offers Creative Depth Coaching Certification and January brings advance path Alchemy + Mystery Programs.


Journey Paths are designed for those who want to deepen experience and are redefining life, in transition or dedicated to depth work, knowing and growing. These paths support in enhancing one's understanding of blended process, psycho-spiritual exploration, intuitive, creative and experiential learning. Exploration of JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™ as a creative mapping tool modality is a profound way to connect to the initiatory principles and depth process offered in the Institute.

Our global access, adult learning classrooms offer easy access, dynamic design and interactive community!

Art + Healing

Expressive Arts is a complementary approach to any transformative process and experience of healing, depth work and expansion. Art-making is a catalyst, a way to discover the language of the soul. Within the creative process we tap into deep wisdom and honor process over product. Intentional and intuitive creativity, using many forms of art and process is a powerful way to ignite change.
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Visual Narrative

Inspire your life, explore the power of visual storytelling, narrative coaching and depth process. Support your practice and expand your offerings as a coach, therapist, healer, educator, intuitive and teaching artist. Grounded in narrative theories, understanding the potency and power of restorative healing and re-story-ing stories will deepen your personal practice and develop your professional offerings.
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What is Creative Depth Coaching?

Creative Depth Coaching is a hybrid form of coaching that combines traditional and narrative coaching with healing modalities, transformative art and depth process to engage wisdom, self-discovery and healing. Deep thinkers, healers and seekers often yearn for this type of flexible and complementary use of multiple ways to spark inner explorationm, fueling their purpose and passion.

JourneyPath® Institute weaves many creative depth approaches and practices in its eCourse and programs.

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