September 2020 is a brilliant time to activate a new chapter of expansion!

Creative Depth Coach Certification is open and accepting applications for the next Cohort Circle, that begins on September 20th, 2020!

I have just expanded the call times to create more space for this invitation to apply.

Something new is coming…explore your desires and jump on a call with me to see how this learning journey will support your intentions and expansion!

  • Is this your time to shine, feel aligned, enriched, inspired and transformed?
  • Have you been waiting for a professional creative coaching program like this?
  • What is yearning to be explored and experienced?


Then you are ready for something special…

A-10 month program for teachers, artists, guides, healers and facilitators offering Jungian based depth psychology training through art as process, narrative coaching and experiential practice.

If depth work, myth, esoteric approaches, psycho-spiritual theories and connecting with mind-body-spirit fascinate you this is a powerful program to consider. Grounded in core concepts and applied practice this program offers a unique blend of coaching approaches that offer opportunities to enhance and guide individual sessions and group programs. These techniques and tools have been developed and used over many years, and the program has been affirmed and authorized by International Coaching Federation as valuable continuing coaching education.

This is an opportunity to dive deeper into transformation, using depth work, psycho-spiritual approaches, journey work and creative coaching process to enhance your work in the world.


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Discover what this next season can bring!