Mythos Journey + QuestPath FAQ

What is Mythos Journey Work?

A Mythos Journey™ is defined as a personal process of discovery, which incorporates:

  • Your known and unknown stories
  • Myths and patterns of your life
  • Your history, archeology and influences

A Mythos Journey™ includes structures such a theme, intuition, patterns, landscape, guidance and art as symbolic language. Exploring your life through multiple perspectives will include  exploring your own life experiences and story threads.

In each Mythos Journey™ class, self-guided or community based like the year long QuestPath, there are always unique and different experiences to be found and explored, you will discover connections to unclaimed stories, personal myths and deep history. Some journeys will inspire healing as you connect to sacred place, voice ancestral wisdom and embrace archetypal patterns such as the hero/heroines journey.  Through image, art and process, each journey is an invitation into a landscape of personal discovery and growth.

A Mythos Journey™ provides a supportive, flexible and inviting structure to engage in a mapping process, engaging a journey  that reflecting your life in many directions. Mythos Journey engages whole brain/whole body, using all of your senses this process bridges the linear and intuitive as you lean into mystery and discover a crossroads of renewal, deep connection, emerging possibility and finding parts of yourself that have been waiting to be found.

Quest Model offers an extended time frame and in the case of QuestPath, multiple Mythos Journey™offerings are active and woven throughout the year. QuestPath incorporates patterns and pathways inspired by the Medicine Wheel, Four Fold Way and Celtic Calendar, including elements and various methods of depth and transformative process, dreamwork, visioning and guided journeying.

How it works:

Mythos Journey™ and Quest eCourses offer a well developed eBook or self-guided curriculum in a global classroom with abundant supportive materials.

Each participant is guided through their own inquiry process, incorporating intuitive ways of knowing, creative process, multiple perspective, mytho-poetic language, life-path application and personal movement. Through mapping the unfolding path, working with parts of self, intuitive art making and image as symbolic language, as new possibility is envisioned.

Tele-classes, web-share, forum, group and sometimes individual coaching, offered within all  Mythos Journey and Quest eCourses, provide a model and guidance to explore patterns through creative mediums such as collage, writing, paint and fiber, working with archetype, inner landscape and narrative, unraveling the experiences that no longer serve, as new connections are made through this experiential process. Individual coaching offers a complementary way to delve in more deeply, revealing and working with ‘art and life’ to continue to create new realizations for specific areas of life.

Do you have more questions?

Check our QuestPath FAQ and make sure you find what you need!

This five minute video from a few years ago offers another refection or felt sense of engaging a Mythos Journey™ eCourse:

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