Masterclass 7 Day Replay is now Closed, but I added a short video below!

You can still explore the amazing creative ways we can use to foster archetypal guidance that brings potent and affirming self-sourced support, at any and every age, in the upcoming eCourse: IGNITE: Evoking the Archetypes of Midlife


Midlife is long and deep and wide, encompassing our thirties through our seventies …ushering us into into the richness of the wisdom years where we continue to fully embrace life in dynamic and creative ways. 

Midlife is rich and rewarding but also hard and scary at times.

When shit happens, at any and every age, we need to get more compassionate, courageous and creative!

As women we hold the full range of all women, throughout time, at every age. Within us dwell the ancient and the infant. We are mirrors to one another and benefit from intergenerational collaboration.

We travel our chronology but also experience so much variety, nuance and wisdom as we navigate day to day life and the threshold experiences that are challenging but offer initiation and growth.

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