Materials List for VR

Bring anything you have as art materials to the zoom studio, we will be making art. You will get event reminders from the classroom, as well as this section opening!

Suggested Materials for “Any Day Creating”:

  • Please have some acrylic paint or gouache with brushes, water, jar
  • For quick clean-up or sensitivities, you may want unscented baby wipes, paper towels and thin gloves.
  • Crayons, cray-pas (water soluble) or pastels
  • A pen or sharpie – for quick creative shifts.
  •  A good pile of images, three magazines + scissors, glue.
  • Paper of various sizes – mixed media or watercolor weight is best for layered creating
  • Rounds – cardboard or heavyweight paper.
  • Blank “cards” can be index cards, cut paper tiles or shapes, SoulCollage® cards, JourneyCircles™ round cards (6 distinctive types).
  • If you have duct tape (easy to collage and paint over) or clear packing tape (better to see through – tape over art/collage already made), you may wish to have them nearby for creating trifold and/or accordion structures out of papers or cards.
  • Gather some natural objects and materials from outdoors to use in different seasons.