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May is Moon Month!

We have created a special creative masterclass to enhance the experience of working with the Moon!

  • Meeting the Night
  • Night Gardening
  • Lunar Listening

All potent topics that I dearly love…



New Moon | May Masterclass

Night Gardening + Lunar Listening


Suggesting Materials:

Bring paper or card stock to create on, MoonCircles™ cards if you have them, if not no worry, medium weight paper is great!

Scissors, glue and markers, magazines or collage materials, a few mixed media doo-dads, if you wish and paint/color to move onto the space, shape or page!



Friday May 19th


Time Zones:

1pm Pacific :: 2pm Mountain :: 3pm Central :: 4pm Eastern :: 9pm UK :: 10pm Rome :: 11 am Tel Aviv :: 6am Sydney (Next day)


ZOOM LINK to Access your New Moon Masterclass, on May 19th:



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