Lunar Light + Working with the Night


Lunar Light + Working with the Night

We move through a doorway of the daylight to meet the Night.

This happens in all seasons and states…

The night rises in our awareness…

It often opens up, rather than darkening or dimming ones ability to see.


She is always there…in the Night.

The Moon.

La Luna.

She is the ultimate presence throughout time.

She is guide and witness, a beacon in the night sky and in our lives.

All humans throughout millennia have sought her council, at one time or another looking to the sky for guidance, perspective and insight. This natural, built in tendency to look up can provide so much more than a glimpse of the elevated and divine light. It is. Doorway that invites us to see what is hidden, invites us into the mysteries and nurtures the depth of inquiry that seeks a universal witness.

The moon witnesses us all and her archetypal energies is influence to our souls.

Each of us have turned our face to her, seeking her perspective high in the sky to see, reflect and offer a mirror that helps us to discover our own unrealized essence, our truth.


Truth lies closer to the earth, down in the mud where creation begins again,

down where everyone finds the deep imagination within their own soul. 

-Michael Meade



The Moon is reflective of the Soul.

No matter the phase, whether she is seen or hidden, we can find and follow the energy of the moon in any moment.

She is the muse…showing us our cycles, phases and reflects the journey of life as she crosses the night sky.

She is a mirror offering us sacred space to discover our own reflective light.

Her face reflects our own stories back to us…

My own lunar experiences became more pronounced at a certain difficult time of my life, when I was in transition and feet deep need to be seen. I was unraveling from roles and responsibilities and I turned to the night, its soft darkness to wrap me in its arms…

The moon was a sentinel and companion – I sought her wisdom and felt the potent way she could see me, always see me and witness me in all ways. I could allow her to soften my disappointment and self-criticism, to know more for me than I knew myself. She brought me into connection with what I needed most in that moment…and forever more she has traved with me as a constant, conscious companion.

I see La Luna and feel her presence as my mama muse, a Mythic or Archetypal guide and an object hovering in the night sky.


As you look to your art or the Moon, seek your own reflective stories and ask:

What is stirring?

What is rising?

What is coming forth?


She is the Mistress of the Sea, the One who rules the tides. 

Gifting us with the rhythmic ebb and flow of activity and energy.

This too is a gift that is reflected in the energies of the Moon and mirrored within our bodies as the ebb and flow of our own breath or the coursing of blood through our veins.


 As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin. 

– Pablo Neruda


The Moon offers connection to the inner world and yet she dwells in the outer world.

La Luna orbits our Soul’s Journey and is known within our skin and outside of our eyes…

Many of us are drawn to the moon, La Luna is a witness to the cycles and seasons of our life and we see her light and experience the changing nature of the self in her phases. 

We will create with the many phases and faces of experience, finding stories that are being illuminated and ways in which she, La Luna, holds us in her light, and how we hold her light within us.

The moon also inspires connection to the ancient world, mythic remembering resonates within the aura of the moon and we can discover so much working with moon energies as a form of remembering and rising into our light – we will be exploring our own current connections and stories as we create with the mysteries of the moon.


Calling or Drawing down the Moon is an energetic practice of bringing the moon to you, traveling within your skin using ritual art. The moon goddess embodied offers extra energy that lingers as the phases wane. It is a powerful connection that offers the individual a strong sense of light body experience.

The Moon Ring made of iron is an ancient Italian custom where the ring is held to the night sky and encircles the moon, to draw it down. Other customs and cultures bring the hands or fingers together into a ring to call the moon down. Others use finger rings to bring the moon into focus.

With art as process and especially using MoonCircles™ we can moon gaze with our intentions and draw down the moon, using art as ritual – this naturally happens as we create with each phase.

  • By holding the intention to connect to the moon phase you see in the night sky, will also be opening to your intuitive nature and the somatic/light body experience of art making, which often brings an altered state.
  • The imagery that rises within the card is inspired by your souls knowing, your own psyche activated by the moon and once in La Luna’s gravitational pull, your stories will spark and start to surface!
  • The cards hold energy. The symbolic Moon amplifies and energizes the stories held within. You can expand the field of the experience with gazing, blessing and art as ritual or intentional art that is activated with purpose.


Creative Prompts:

  • What does it mean to you, to gaze at the moon?
  • How do you recognize yourself when looking at the night sky?
  • Peek into your own darkness – seek a deeper journey and explore points of illumination, the gold in the dark held in your own stories.
  • Each Moon is offering a reflection of a new story, a new awareness, ability, presence, energy or expression.
  • Create art and explore your own Lunar Nature, finding where more is ready to be revealed.
  • Be held by the Night…and Blessed by Her Light!