Professional Listing Instructions

Professional Listing on JourneyPath Institute!


We are proud to offer this opportunity with a one time administrative fee, rather than ongoing annual fees or a large investment! 

We want your work in the world to sing…


Just a few things to prepare and your listing will be active!


Prepare a 10 – 12 Word Personal Statement that DESCRIBES you, your work, approach, offerings and/or style – you can express in a full sentences, or use short descriptions, identifiers, keywords and/or descriptive fragments a la Instagram or Facebook! These are not calls to action they are descriptive so that potential clients can find you.


  • Facilitator offering workshops and retreats to expand creative opportunities.
  • Play Therapist integrating mixed media workshops for children and adults seeking clarity and healing.
  • Moon Lover offering 1:1 and groups for Lunar Arts & Soul Yoga in Minnesota.
  • Business Coach + Mentor integrating creative connections for your Expansive Growth.
  • Soul Care. Nurturing. Transformation. Art as Healing & Coaching for women experiencing Grief and Loss.
  • Creative discovery opportunities for women and men in recovery. Growth, Resiliency & Direction!

*use words such as “coach, instructor, therapist” only if you are certified or licensed to do so, by this Institute or other qualifying educational entities and as described in your bio or about page on your website.


Update your website to include your training and link to JourneyPath Institute, this should be placed on your About Page of Bio page. You may also place your badges there or under offerings.

I encourage you to add some descriptions on about page or offerings pages that share how and where your expertise of these processes inspire you and where they are being integrated, blended, included in workshops, retreats and other offerings.


Find a square format photo to upload so that we can see your amazing energy with your professional listing!

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For JourneyCircles™ Facilitators and/or CDCC Coaches:

One Time Administrative Fee: $159.  $FREE 

Please add a card supply order 

*After certification, fill in the “request your listing” – listing will be published within a week. You may post listing and add a website link when its ready.

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