Professional Listing Request


Please fill in ASAP and in one sitting!

Trained Facilitator and/or Coach | JourneyPath Institute

  • 10-15 Words = a personal statement that DESCRIBES you, your work, approach, offerings and/or style - you can express in a full sentences, or use short descriptions, identifiers, keywords and/or descriptive fragments a la Instagram or Facebook! These are not calls to action they are descriptive so that potential clients can find you. 10 - 15 WORD EXAMPLES: #1. Facilitator offering workshops and retreats to expand creative opportunities. #2 Play Therapist integrating mixed media workshops for children and adults seeking clarity and healing. #3 Moon Lover offering 1:1 and groups for Lunar Arts & Soul Yoga in Minnesota. #4 Business Coach + Mentor integrating creative connections for your Expansive Growth. #5 SoulCare and Nurturing Arts for women experiencing Grief and Loss #6 Creative discovery opportunities for women and men in recovery. Growing Resiliency & Direction!