Jungian Based Coaching Certification

Are you beginning again to create and cultivate deeper connections?
Is the impact of Personal, Communal, Collaborative and Universal transformation part of your vision and desire?
This program offers distinctive ways to deepen and expand – explore your stories and expand the healing field through the lens of Creative Depth Approach. Explore self as client, develop a new approach to narrative, wisdom and re-story your story.
New Program starting soon, for Jungian, Narrative and Creative Coaching Techniques, Tools and Certification!
Is Creative Depth Program + Certification what you have been waiting for?
  • Creative Depth is designed for individuals who are seeker, lifelong learners, deep thinkers and creatives.
  • Creative Depth supports those who are redefining life and committed to discovery, integration and finding an aligned path.
  • Creative Depth inspires those who are dedicated to depth, transformation, healing and wholeness.
The program offers powerful tools for transformational change using a psycho-spiritual, learning journey approach, inspire by deep thinkers, storytellers, artists, myth-makers and change-makers such as Carl Jung, Maureen Murdock, Rollo May, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Marion Woodman; this program is for anyone who is ready to take their personal and professional work to the next level with blended process and creative depth approaches.
Everything you need to know about the program is on ONE PAGE, full access to explore and say yes!
Get ready to:
💫Expand your work with healing, curiosity and rediscovery with an experiential program that emphasizes self as client.
💫Learn how to assist where grief, loss, shadow, shame, vulnerability and pain, have gotten tangled in the story and learn to loosen energy that is stuck.
💫Access the heart of the creative depth approach, bringing new awareness, excitement and direction to your personal work and professional path
💫Work with depth coaching as sacred medicine using the arts, myth, transformative approaches and various ways of connecting, offering creative, narrative and relational coaching styles.
💫Develop new ways to work with individuals and groups incorporating art as process, unique and exclusive tools, that will awaken your unique gifts and desire to serve.
💫Make a impact with clients that you love working with, you will be exploring and developing your inner resources, original voice, bringing your unique blended approach into focus with the mastermind materials that are included in the program!.
💫Rediscover depth and delight, aligning your life and work within a powerful transformational program.
New Cohort, opening in September