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Promote healing, wholeness and vision.

JourneyCircles™ is a complementary multimodal practice for personal and professional use.

JourneyCircles™ cards provide a visual template that you can create with, one side is prepared for collage and mixed media, and the other offers a printed symbol that become a useful and guiding element. You may use JourneyCircles™ to explore expression and experience more deeply, applying intuitive and intentional visual narrative.

Within the JourneyCircles™ process, there are six distinctive card sizes and types, each offered with important symbolic and energetic patterns, these are the Spiral Path, Key, Transformation, Spectrum, Compass and Moon cards.

  • The Spiral Path card reflects you on your life journey and can be used to explore parts of self, ages and stages, stories, choice and voice.
  • The Key card holds a potent symbol, the golden key a tool used for turning, entering and gaining access to emotions, energies, movement and memories.
  • The Transformation cards each contain a distinctive message and color, reflecting the seven stages of the journey and the rising energy of the seven chakras.
  • The Spectrum cards reflect the paradox and opposite expressions of shadow and light as reflected in your life experience, these can be used to explore visual narrative, shadow process and life patterns.
  • The Compass cards are way finders, representing the symbols, gifts and tools you use when traveling through your life.
  • The Moon cards offer two-sided cards that represent the Dark Moon and the Full Moon, offering space for exploring reflection, phases, shadow, light and gifts offered by symbolic moon.
  • The cards create reflective tools, in combination they create dynamic patterns and constellations that provide advanced narrative process.

With JourneyCircles™ your own art becomes a tool for reflecting and mapping your process, your inner explorations and expressions that meet both healing and visioning. Using your own images, symbols, words on each card deepens the creative process with JourneyCircles™, which is complementary to other modalities such as Art Journaling and SoulCollage®, and can support body centered, expressive, transformative and healing arts. JourneyCircles™ cards are available in the shop as a kit with guidebook, or in refills where cards that can be purchased by individual type.

JourneyCircles Creative Mapping Kit & Guidebook

As featured in Choice Magazine


JourneyCircles™ featured in Choice Magazine

What others say about the Founder of JourneyCircles™:

"Cat Caracelo is a master at teaching and guiding depth process; visual narrative, archetype and symbol as applied transformational processes."

"Cat Caracelo offers a grounding space for being heard and held within process, during times of challenge and change. She offers guidance, connection, direction and insights that are priceless and life changing. She is fearless, compassionate and direct. My experience of working with her is one that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life."