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We had a wonderful and rich call on JourneyCircles™ and SoulCollage® on Thursday March 12th, 2015, offered through KaleidoSoul ( Call recording is available from KaleidoSoul Archives and those who signed up early received a sample kit – you may want to work with you own JourneyCircles™ so please do order a kit!

JourneyCircles™ Transformation cards in-line

Transformation Cards | Seven Principles of Transformation

Bring to the call (or just listen along and play later):

  • 6-10 SoulCollage® Cards that feel active and important (you do not have to know why)
  • The sample kit of JourneyCircles™ (each of you have received three randomly chosen Transformation cards, three Spiral Path cards and one Compass Card)
  • If you do not have JourneyCircles™ cards, just use the images that are posted here to explore these ideas and bring a few blank cards to use instead
  • Glue, scissors, 10-12 magazine images, some random paper scraps, a few words if you have them handy from old books of magazines

If you want to explore JourneyCircles™ before or after our call these new videos are offered for you!

JourneyCircles™ Inspiration:

Introducing JourneyCircles™ | Three Minute Video with “How To”



JourneyCircles™ provide a visual template that you can collage on and use to explore creative mapping with your art, including SoulCollage®, mixed media, process painting and writing. JourneyCircles™ offers four distinctive card sizes and types, each with important symbolic and energetic patterns. These mandalas include the Spiral Path, Transformation, Spectrum and Compass cards.

kit_with_JC examples

Creative Mapping offers symbols, images and words to orient and guide your art and life. Mapping assists through gathering, tracking and patterning experience, stories, symbols and expression. We learn from our art and JourneyCircles™ provide techniques that are valuable and wonderful companion to SoulCollage®

I will send a sample of the cards to each person who signs up below, as well as offering a virtual how-to instruction and other goodies on THIS web page, on the day before/day of our call!

General information about JourneyCircles, including other videos and training information are offered on this website, see main menu!


Creative_JC samples

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There are 40+ Licensed JourneyCircles™ Facilitators now trained or moving through the training at their own pace! If you are interesting in finding out more visit the page for JourneyCircles™ Facilitator Training

JourneyCircles™ are being incorporated into individual and group process in Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States; in a wide array of professional, therapeutic, expressive arts and transformative process settings.