JourneyCircles™ Mapping + Spreads

You will want to explore the simple models and pattern play ideas that are offered in the Guidebook, and once you have created some cards these forms of mapping, or showing cards and voicing the stories held in spreads, are available to all JourneyCircles™ Artists.  

General information on Models and Spreads is offered in the JourneyCircles™ Guidebook, here is an example:


Exploring the potency of  Chakra Wisdom can be explored using the Transformations Cards in one of the three primary mapping models, the Spine.

There are many messages and energies held within each card space and as they combine the possibilities of working with narrative expands. You will create into the sacred space of each card and add your own images and energies, then as you would working with constellations you will blend them to find new meanings.

Each Transformation card offers an entire journey in and of itself. Each message contains an invitation of engagement in action, and a transformative outcome.

Using the ideas offered in the Guidebook,  Voicing the Narrative and expanding on your own art and process using specific pattern play and spreads, you will enter into the stories that are waging for you, the narratives your need are held in your art…seek the stories that guide you.

Two JourneyCircles™ SPREADS

Journey Spread: Past, Present, Future

Perfect for the beginning of a cycle or the the year, the THREE CARD JOURNEY SPREAD will help you unfold the story of your journey.

Drawing three cards you will ask each card these questions as prompts for voicing the narrative. The first card you pull form your deck of JourneyCircles™ cards is the Past, second card is the Present and third card is the Future.

What is the story held in the…

I honor…

I notice…

I welcome…

A final series of prompts will bring you home:

In this story I am…

My wisdom brings forth…

I circle myself as I…


The SPIRAL TRANSFORMATION SPREAD will help you seek the wisdom in your cards. Having created several of each of the Transformation cards, you can choose randomly or pull one with intention. Your art and imagery will enhance the experience of how you are traveling with your art and life, from the inside outward.

JourneyCircles™ Spiral Transformation Spread

Pull from each of the seven Transformation cards and turn them one by one using the prompts below. Seek the wisdom in each card and move from one story to the next, noticing how the narrative is connecting one to the other and where the story is shifting.

  1. What is awakening?
  2. Where am I holding or blocking trust?
  3. What is the mystery that is offered here?
  4. What is remembered and restored in this space?
  5. What is sparking, igniting or activating?
  6. What is embraced and recognized in this space?
  7. What is being celebrated and honored here?


The VESICA + MANDORLA SPREAD offers a simple two or three card spread that opens the door to the numinous.

Choose two spiral path cards, you will lay these out in the pattern shown below, one card crossing over the other. This spread can be adapted but it is a minds, body and spirit spread. Choose one card to turn upright, read the first question below. Voice the narrative that you see reflected in the mirror of that card – when you are ready, turn over the other card and read that card…seeking the answer to your question in your art.

1. Question: What is the story that is held here, in my mind?

    Voice of the Card: In this story I am… My Mind says…

2. Question: What is the story that is being told, in my body?

    Voice of the Card: In this story I am…My body feels…

Now look to the space that is held between the cards, where one image crosses over the other – this is the mandorla or doorway to the numinous. It is a sacred space that is part mind and part body, it is the space between mind and body where yu may access the numinous. You may seek the imagery in both cards in this space or draw a third card to represent that space. As you seek the doorway of the mandorla, notice what is opening to you through the wisdom of your spirit…

3. Question: What is the story that is being told in this doorway of my spirit?

    Voice of the Card: In this story I am…My soul knows…


Vesica Spread

Mind Body Spirit | Mandorla Spread