International Womens Day, Every Day

First published in 2018

International Women’s Day is today…

I invite you to honor and celebrate all that is changing and rising to meet us!

Womens Day is Every Day

Below, I share an invocation, a living prayer, a powerful expression of who we are.

Also I offer some important ideas about how Artist and Activist intersects, creates sacred space and lives in our everyday life.

Finally something personal that is on my heart about the human experience, healing and wholeness.

“We as women of all ages must understand our stories – our pains, our strengths and our possibilities.

As women we are connecting to deeply held dreams, our own and those of women throughout time.

We, as the change makers, healers, activists and artists of life in our own skin must be willing to initiate ourselves again and again, learning to dive deep into that which is hidden or harbored.

Women who are the daughters, mothers, sisters, lovers, friends must gather in safe places to tell the stories that are waiting to be told and re-storying the stories that are waiting to evolve, only then can we live into the life that is possible.

Gathering our stories honors healing and wholeness, and understanding the layers of our own truths moves us closer to trust. To engage healing in ones own life is to understand that we are never not broken and ever whole – both/and, not either or.

Trust that the ripple effect that comes from any internal shifts we make, will always extend in more directions than one can imagine. We who are willing to activate internally and then gather new knowledge forward, find the abilities, strengths and insights that have been underexpressed in our lives.

We cannot underestimate the impact of personal growth and expression as an agent of change.”

– Cat Caracelo


From March 8, 2018

Last night, as I connected to this coming day, its purpose, its promise. I wondered if these words would still express what I believe, how I live, what I love, how I serve.

They do!

But doubt can creep in and I remembered that a year ago I asked myself if my work, the work we do together, mattered in the face of what seemed to be an unraveling, collective despair. I was called to question and open my awareness to the nature of my work and my desire to impact others in a positive and generative way.

My questioning brought me full circle back to Yes, then and now.

Today is another full circle moment so I share these words with you because they are OURS.

I honor the many ways we choose to be, see, love, express, share, speak, stand, pray, paint, map, march, mark, make, act, acknowledge and extend our reach to touch and impact one another.

All of it matters.

All of us matter.


With love,