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JourneyPath Institute offers distinctive advanced path programs, training and certification that encompass art as healing, creative depth approach, distinctive coaching concepts and esoteric approaches to develop ones own process and expand ones work in the world when working with self, individuals and groups.

These programs are supported by the principles of Guidence, Purpose and Presence.

These programs are aligned with archtypal energies that may include Teacher, Mystic, Healer, Visionary, Guide and Priestess.

A strong emphasis on blended and experiential learning, all programs are offered with easy access module learning, in a interactive, easy to use, global university platform.

All programs have dedicated classroom, shared forum, valuable supportive materials, teaching tools, video, audio and more that support all adult learners and learning styles.


Creative Depth Coach Certification | January 2022

Creative Depth Coach Certification is a ten-month module advanced training program, with a powerful curriculum and experiential learning environment. The comprehensive program includes principles of depth work, core concepts such as Jungian theory, parts work, and narrative coaching, advanced use of multi-modal creative process, symbol, myth and metaphor, with a strong emphasis on layered process.

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MoonCircles™ + JourneyCircles™ Facilitator Training

Experience a easy and rich training, with powerful creative process in a global classroom with forever access. This 3 in 1 training offers a distinctive use of mixed media, collage and expressive art in a designed modality that can be used to explore art as process. Learn 100’s of new tools for your own individual and professional offerings.

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Wisdom Rising Mystery School

Wisdom Rising Mystery School is advanced path work in a specially designed co-created space. For those women who are ready to deepen their inner connection, and travel further, you will explore elemental alchemy, mystery traditions, creative depth, ceremony, embodiment, art as ritual and initiation. This collaborative community is designed as a continuum, offering cycles of experience it is an active creative space for those who are mature in depth and journey work.

Open for 2022

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