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Individual Coaching

Choosing to work with a coach is a powerful way to transform your life. You will experience healing as old energies, experiences and stories release their hold, opening up space for you to reclaim your deep desires, finding purpose, passion and unique abilities that will help you to create the life you have always known is possible.

Our Institute founder and staff coaches are highly trained, offering guidance and personal process that will support you to deepen healing and build a powerful, dynamic relationship with your whole self. Through this process you will experience transformative healing, and a strong sense of your journey that brings clarity, integration and full expression.

The coaching relationship is designed to expand your capacity for inner reflection and deeper understanding that activates conscious awareness, discernment, choice and voice.

Opening yourself to new possibility is experienced through these distinctive styles of coaching.

We offer Depth Coaching, Conscious Life Design, Reinvention, and Professional Mentoring.

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Work with the Lead Coaching Team

Cat Caracelo

Cat Caracelo


Specializing in depth work, healing into wholeness though expanded awareness, conscious life design and professional mentoring. Cat works with individual clients exploring healing, meaning, mystery and mastery. Restorative healing, recognizing shadow and re-story-ing life, guides all process. As awareness grows there is a greater need to understand possibility, purpose and path; a place of visioning and evolutionary growth. The heart of depth coaching guides us toward this place of trust and truth.

Susan Lang

Susan Lang

Lead Coach

Specializing in depth work, "second chapter" life design, reinvention, creative process and inquiry. Susan brings a strong focus on life planning, resiliency, working with parts of self and transforming burnout into new growth. Her experience in healthcare, training and consulting as well as redesigning her world of work, offers a brilliant blend of awareness, insight and support.

Darcy Lubow

Darcy Lubow

Lead Coach

Specializing in reinvention, recovery, redefining life using yoga, mindset, movement and creative exploration, Darcy brings many years of professional counseling and coaching practice to JourneyPath Institute. She is an expert in navigating change and mapping a path to expand "ones story", reframing hardship into doorways of empowerment.

We are a Global Community!

JourneyCircles™ Trained Facilitators and Certified Depth Coaches come from the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Tasmania, United States.

Provinces include: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec. States include: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, Washington.

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