Community + Self-Guided Online Courses

All Courses offer an easy access global classroom that is beautifully designed. Within these courses you will explore and engage symbol, image, meaning and message using narrative art and art as process. Enjoy a blend of mixed media approaches, including collage and process painting, and bring your favorite art-making materials, as you develop and expand your journey experience. Create with experiential, intuitive and intentional ways to access your own depth process, creative inquiry and applied wisdom.

Community eCourses are are "live and led", they include module materials with art invitation offered in the classroom, paced to meet the rhythm of the creative process, with sharing forum, group calls + virtual retreats on Zoom.

Self-Guided eCourses are offered as an open virtual classroom inspiring art as process and journey work in a personal creative space, self-paced.

We also offer Facilitator Training Programs

Community eCourses

QuestPath | Year Long Journey 2021-2022

Ignite the creative and inspire mythic remembering as you move through the eight seasons of the sacred wheel of the year, with powerful mythic themes, new inquiry, activation and archetypal energies that expand your experience of depth, insight and transformation in this year long journey. Explore the power of image, symbol and art as process, as you engage your Quest. 

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Self-Guided eCourses

Awakening Magic: A Child Archetypes Journey | Self Guided

Awakening Magic eCourse is a perfect companion to your Lost Children & their Hidden Gifts Deck, Wheel and Guidebook purchase! This three month learning journey offers a powerful deep dive into child archetypes and archetypal awareness of how our inner children offer us growth and wisdom throughout our lives. Experience profound interplay between creative play, archetypal forms, mythic memories and depth tools using art as process.


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Meeting the Moon | Self-Guided eCourse + Kit

Many of us are drawn to the moon, La Luna is a witness to the cycles and seasons of our life and offers a powerful mirror in the night sky. Within these six lessons you will deepen and discover your own sources of inspiration as you create with the many phases and faces of the moon using your MoonCircles™ Kit and Cards which are sent to you with this eCourse. Experience wisdom, depth and delight in Meeting the Moon.

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Visioning With JourneyCircles™ | Self-Guided eCourse + Kit

Visioning with JourneyCircles™ is a self-guided eCourse, offering an inspired way to explore using JourneyCircles™ while discovering how your art as process offers new insights and activation that will lead to visioning and manifestation!

Travel with the power of art as activation, exploring visual narrative and translation to day to day life. This is where your art begins to tell a new story and energize life experience.

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Mythic Listening + Ancestral Healing

Mythic Listening, is a six lesson eCourse.

An inspired and easy step by step way to connect to the evocative symbolism Mythic Journey work and other shamanic perspectives using art as process to seek and find missing symbols in your life – you will experience mythic listening, active visioning to sing deep healing!

Invite your stories to guide you, seeking the deeper narratives of your life.

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Winged Spark | Expanding Mythos Journey

Experience an inspiring self guided journey process with Winged Spark, six powerful multi-layered lessons, expand Mythos Journey where one theme builds on another as you work deeply with symbol and image, exploring the living language of art making and how the journey meets us in powerful ways.

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Creative Journey | 30 Days of Mythos

A Creative Journey that offers thirty days of prompts, images and easy access art making, perfect for those beginning to explore art as process and the exciting ways that journey process reveals the deeper layers of life.

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Training Programs

Wisdom Rising Mystery School

Wisdom Rising Mystery School is advanced path work in a specially designed co-created space. For those women who are ready to deepen their inner connection, and travel further, you will explore elemental alchemy, mystery traditions, creative depth, ceremony, embodiment, art as ritual and initiation. This collaborative community is designed as a continuum, offering cycles of experience it is an active creative space for those who are mature in depth and journey work.

Open for 2022

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MoonCircles™ + JourneyCircles™ Facilitator Training

Experience a easy and rich training, with powerful creative process in a global classroom with forever access. This 3 in 1 training offers a distinctive use of mixed media, collage and expressive art in a designed modality that can be used to explore art as process. Learn 100’s of new tools for your own individual and professional offerings.

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Creative Depth Coach Certification | January 2022

Creative Depth Coach Certification is a ten-month module advanced training program, with a powerful curriculum and experiential learning environment. The comprehensive program includes principles of depth work, core concepts such as Jungian theory, parts work, and narrative coaching, advanced use of multi-modal creative process, symbol, myth and metaphor, with a strong emphasis on layered process.

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