All Courses offer global access using easily accessible global classroom. Within these courses you will explore and engage symbol, image, meaning and message using narrative art. Enjoy a blend of approaches and use your favorite materials, as you develop and expand. Create with experiential, intuitive and intentional ways to access your own depth process, creative inquiry and applied wisdom.

Choose Self-Guided which is offered as a quiet personal creative space or Community eCourses, that are "live and led", time based and include sharing forum and group calls.

Self-Guided eCourses

Visioning: A Self Guided Process

An inspired, easy step by step way to connect to the evocative symbolism of the compass, using art as process to create a vision “map”, using materials of your choice.

Experience active visioning and explore your needs, wants and desires as you create! Visioning: A Self-Guided Process is an easy step by step way to connect to the evocative symbolism of the inner compass, using art as process to create a directional map of your vision.

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Winged Spark | Expanding Mythos Journey

Experience an inspiring self guided journey process with Winged Spark, six powerful multi-layered lessons, expand Mythos Journey where one theme builds on another as you work deeply with symbol and image, exploring the living language of art making and how the journey meets us in powerful ways.

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Creative Journey | 30 Days of Mythos

A Creative Journey that offers thirty days of prompts, images and easy access art making, perfect for those beginning to explore art as process and the exciting ways that journey process reveals the deeper layers of life.

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Moon Mapping: Ages, Stages and Phases of Life

Explore your stories by the light of the Moon.  Look to the symbolism and energies of the Moon in all of her phases, working with art, depth work and experiential process. Discover how your own experiences: remembered, intuited and active, are living narratives that are patterned, influenced and aligned within the phases of the moon. Beginning with your Birth Moon, invite your stories to guide you.

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Community eCourses

Wild Essence: Mythos Journey eCourse

Wild Essence is a Mythos Journey eCourse that inspires art, insight and transformation as you travel to discover your true self and ingredients of life while exploring art as process, parts of self, archetypal energies, mythic moments and personal experience within a journey process.

Discover facets of your Wild Essence, through archetypes like:

  • the nature child, forest dancer and bone singer
  • the queen of the seas, the young gypsy and the wise healer
  • the divine creatrix, priestess on the path and weaver of the ways

These are the wisdom keepers that will move through the journey to inspire and guide your life.

July 2nd – August 14th, 2018

Enjoy a community forum as well as live and recorded group calls, a creative virtual retreat + global classroom for easy online access!

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