Inspired Experience + MoonCircles as Creative Catalyst

It is a pleasure to share a new video today…some of the early connection to journey work, art as process, the evolution of MoonCircles™ and how they have helped me to deepen my own work with visual storytelling as a creative catalyst.

“Expand your Field and more will come…”

This 12 minute video shares more of the process, offers a peek at the new materials and a little bit of my story, along with the current journey and how delighted I am to continue to travel in the company of creatives, as we embark on a new season of MoonCircles Training.

The extended training, that opens up next week, is a threshold. This space is invitational, offering you a potent way to play and deepen…expand on the magic and mystery that is yours!

The materials can be explored and serve your work (both inner and outer) for years, enhancing your own lunar listening, personal soul-work and community connection.

Join us in the upcoming training and save $100 and choose the two payment option if needed, both offered through May 31st!

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