Guiding Process + Redefining Growth

What is Awakening?

  • Who will you be as your healing journey evolves?
  • Who will you be when your challenges are illuminated?
  • Who will you be as personal blocks are transforming?
  • Who will you be when wounded places are no longer guiding your choices?

These are questions that must be explored through active connection, building relationship, developing dialogue and understanding your own source of wisdom, truth, expression and potential. Often this process is assisted by depth process and guidance, but like a Hero’s Journey, a deeply held shadow story or a dark night of the soul experience, life will offer us many opportunities to grow and expand in unexpected ways.

There are times that you will recognize a transition time is becoming active, yet you are still in the midst of flooded feelings, loss and confusion. This is the most important time to connect to depth work, engaging creative depth through experiential process and/or coaching. These are specific methodologies that are designed to support you as you explore the tangles of challenges, seek the path, understand the journey, recognize the self and seek restorative healing.

One of the most powerful areas you can foster is to engage a whole self approach. Dynamic change is directly connected to the depth of relationship you have with your whole self, which naturally includes parts that have split off, lost, stolen or shamed through a lifetime of experience. Some of these are known but many more are disowned, ignored or hidden. Intuitive approaches to depth and process will assist in self-discovery that is unique, healing and expansive.

Each step of your path is important, and the discovery that is birthed within creative process when combined with depth work, coaching or complementary support, will offer profound healing and transformation. This type of engaged process can be held within our psyche as a learning journey; one that will lead to exponential growth, through clarity, integration, expression and expansion.

This kind of discovery process will always happen at your own pace, but the dynamic of engaging your material of life will excite your senses and inspire bursts of energetic awareness. It can be an unfolding of conscious awareness that will help you to unravel old patterns and reveal the new stories that are ready to be told, or an epiphany that expands your perspective in a flash. Diving deep, entering into old pain and engaging healing at a deeper level, learning to trust, is necessary to evolutionary growth. It is the relationship you build with yourself , while unraveling the patterns of pain, that becomes an agent of change. You will open up space in your life to explore, moving into higher level of awareness, new ways of being with discernment, choice and voice.

As you choose to work with the guidance of JourneyPath Institute experiential process, depth work and professional programs, you will embrace understanding in a deep and lasting way, finding new direction, energy and passion.

It is my privilege to act as an intimate and personal guide to thousands of women who choose to embrace their journey of discovery through individual depth coaching and experiential journey process.  As the Founder of JourneyPath Institute, I am designing programs that offer you an opportunity to work more deeply with experiential process through journey work, guided learning opportunities and distinctive professional development.

Find the program that meets your needs and inspires you life.

Cat Caracelo

Depth Coach, Guidess + Founder of JourneyPath Institute