gold in the dark

A creative conversation on facing sadness, feeling deep grief, flatness, dealing with frustration — how there are so few ways to really be held in the journey with this part of OUR human experience. I posted this pop up video today and this is what came…thought I’d share it here.

If this resonates and you are facing fear or feeling the human spectrum of experience please come and join me in the journey where we can tell the stories that are real and raw, feel the feelings and find flow.



The Alchemy + Essence Journey eCourse is designed to offer sacred creative place where you are living into the creative process, healing deep and using “art + life” to activate awakening, renewal, remembering and reclaiming.


This short course is power packed for all – alchemists, healers and artists of life! 


New to this work?

Art is a potent way to tell your story and language your life…you will literally find new ways to BE, SEE, FEEL and FLOW in this eCourse. Calling all closet creatives, you will play with mark-making and art as process to feel into your experience. Newcomers to the journey and long time conscious creatives love the guided journey meditations that inspire, along with art invitations and easy ways to engage the materials, you have access to a video library for exploring easy creative ways.

Not sure about the investment?

You are getting 10 Weeks of Curriculum and Community + Lifetime access the the Classroom + 5 Zoom Calls and a Special Bonus 1+1 session!

The Value is over $500 and all for $130 x 2!

This is a rare opportunity to take a short journey course and it is the last solo journey offering of this year.

Alchemy + Essence is starting Sunday >>>