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  • September 28
  • Oct 3
  • Oct 6

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There are so many important topics to explore in this short series

  • Understand your Creative, Intuitive and Empathic Nature
  • Explore the Power of Story, Visual Narrative + Symbolic Language
  • Learn WHY artmaking and markmaking is a necessity for surviving and thriving.
  • Seek the potency the comes from actively gathering wisdom…and using the imaginal to determine direction and choice.
  • Discover how healing, integration and deep discovery leads to transformation and greater inner strength

Some are calling this time of life the Great Unraveling…if so then lets consider how walking the mythic path is an act of discovery and recovery, that following the undone threads  is a powerful tool of transition and transformation…in the midst of life, perhaps we each are reweaving a new way of seeing and being.

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