FAQ for QuestPath

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of art or form is used in the annual online group?

Best question ever! I believe that art is about living – we are all artists of life and have some form of creative that is inviting, active or recognizable as a language we respond to. Some of us are closet artists and others avid artists, working in many mediums or favorite forms such as writing, intuitive painting, fiber arts, photography, mixed media or collage. If you are dipping your toes in the water, a closet creative using a new language of image, color, texture, word and symbol you might find this approach to “art as process” pure and delightful!

The art that is often used in these classes is art as process or expressive arts – accessible art, such as mixed media, collage, process painting, mono print, mytho-poetic writing, art journaling or assemblage. Even harvesting images form common sources and Pinterest can guide ones journey process and inspire creative ways. Defined art process like JourneyCircles™, SoulCollage® or Touch Drawing® are fantastic forms to integrate into process.

In the groups we will share creative ideas, process and art making!

We learn and are inspired by one another.


Can I participate without being live on the calls?

All classes are offered live and are always recorded – some are class calls and others web-share. Many women join live while others listen to the recordings later. The content of the classes are designed to be a rich a process and if you are following along at your own pace the recordings are located in the Wisdom Room – the global classroom with the class recordings, art invitations, art offerings, guided journey, mythic themes and more!

What is the format of receiving information for the class?

Each years circle has a global classroom called The Wisdom Room where all of the details and seasonal themes are found, AND there is  sharing and connecting in that classroom, where share our ideas, process and images! The materials, art invitations and recordings of class calls, videos, Cat’s shares, guided visualizations, class materials and creative invitations are also in the classroom, or Wisdom Room, with periodic reminders sent via email!


How is the group communication helpful to process?

The beauty of the Mythos Journey group process is that it is offered in a variety of ways, honoring adult learners, in the group but it can be individualized and approached in many ways. I present abundant material in written, image, audio and video, offerings and ideas that spark the creative process. That spark evolves as it meets each person and is applied individually to their own life and art. The individual coaching and group sharing helps to cross pollinate the insights that meet us in our own process, support, honoring and witnessing is a powerful addition to this creative circle.

What about individual work?

Many will work with me in individual coaching to expand on their experience from a group process or retreat. I believe that the individual coaching time is very important to the depth/journey experience, along with your own art as process and how art-making influences life-making. In the collaborative group experience there is an opportunity to share what others are doing and also tune in to your own solo journey. Individual coaching supports you as you dive deeper and unpack experience, in the journey, on your path and in relationship with your whole life. There are many times that the coaching time allows for conversation and connection that deepen, open and generate ideas and options that were unrecognized. Art making is active and depth coaching invite translation of mythos journey into mythic living. Many people continue to work with me individually, as well as continuing with classes.

Questpath includes seasonal themes/classes, group coaching and monthly meetings, how does that work?

QuestPath begins in late October each year, and is a powerful year long group process that is designed as an integrated process that will redefine your experience of a journey.

There is a strong intention that carries us through an arc of the journey – each year promises to focus our creative energies in brand new ways. QuestPath begins with a thematic journey as we celebrate Samhain and then a mythic journey at Winter Solstice turns the wheel of the year and we move deeper into the process that naturally unfolds!

Designed to follow the seasons of the year, the eight seasons of the Sacred Wheel or the Celtic Wheel of the Year and eight more interconnected mythic themes to guide an unique experiential journey…each year is different and offers both intuitive and intentional process. Art and creative process raises awareness and consciousness is rising energy that translated into day to day life. Manifestation and creative insights spark new opportunities and create shifts that impact choice and perspective. The journey continues through the year with thematic offerings, creative inspiration, breakout sessions, seasonal moon celebrations – with a dedicated classroom – many virtual retreats/class calls via zoom!

What if I an struggling?

I always want to hear from any one who is not connecting with the process, materials or the format because together we can generally find the best way for the program to be adjusted and meet your needs. Because the materials are offered with a great deal of flexible use there are many ways to fine tune the process and I will connect 1:1 with anyone to assist in this way.

The nature of depth process will sometimes trigger resistance and it can be hard to feel that you are not using a class, materials or the time/space in the way you expected, but when you have chosen a class, it is a call into a field of experience. The value is often unexpectedly deep, and sometimes a bit hidden. The art making and life making process happens in many ways, not just hands on art, but rather a rising conscious awareness of a specific area or theme that is traveling with you, may emerge first. Always check in with me directly to discuss options.


How do Payment Plans work?

I am committed to offering payment plans for eCourses, retreats, coach and training programs through Cat Caracelo and JourneyPath Institute. You will be committed to payment in full with signed agreement or first payment, whichever is appropriate to the program. Payment plans are always offered as a gift of exchange, to honor and create ease so that participation is more fun!

The refund policy is included on the registration page. Check the specific class for detail.