Order Page for Facilitators | JourneyCircles™ + MoonCircles™

You may order product here and will receive your “Circle” Facilitator Discount, which has been factored in for all bundled or bulk product at approximately 40% for each item, so that you may put your kits together “your way” and save on/add in profit for materials. 

August 2021:

I have added some additional items offered through JourneyPath Institute – Portal Cards #100, Pathway Cards #60, Journey Cards #100  and Archetypal Children Deck, Wheel and Guidebook Bundle #10



If you are a JourneyCircles™ Only facilitator and did not add on MoonCircles™ Guide Training when it launched March 2019 – you may email Cat to add this additional training for $299, to upgrade your access + experience the new MoonCircles™ Guide Training classroom with a low added cost for you!

As a facilitator you may create a listing page, more details here.

As a facilitator you may create a Custom URL order page, branded to your business, with your own specially designed kits – more details here

Purchase Product at bottom of the page, facilitator savings are included.

All bulk product are carefully packed by type, according to your order, in custom ziplock packaging bags, making it easy for you to see, use and store. Product, breakdowns and various ways your materials can be shipped.

  • Facilitators cards are packaged in bulk, by type, #100 of each card type or a set of 50 each, for the seven Transformation Cards
  • You can order one item, two or ten, everything is bundled and shipped according to your needs.
  • Pre-made kits can be ordered.
  • Bags and books (sold in quality of 10) are offered with a discount of aprox. 25% due to packaging and/or up front costs.
  • You may order “retail” packs at regular prices for some items if you want less quantity – to do that simply go to the public CART page on this website.
  • The shipping and handling is offered as a base rate for ease in ordering on this product page ordering – it is calculated by item numbers, weight and how much product will fit in each size box. Range for shipping and handling medium and large box rates is US (based on size) $19-$25 and International (based on box size and weight) $32-$70. On occasion I will have to send a second shipping invoice if there is a large order or shipping is not covered.
  • There may be changes over time as to how product is offered for facilitators as we grow this page, packaging, packing and navigate shipping options.
  • Connect with me by email if you have any questions, we are happy to offer some custom options when we can.


click into each item to see the detailed description and remember that the 40% discount for facilitators is already figured in for you!