Moon Mapping: Ages, Stages and Phases of Life

sacred gazingMoon Mapping, is a nine week Learning Journey eCourse.

Be inspired to explore the symbolism of the Moon with art, depth work and experiential process. Discover how your own experiences, remembered, intuited and active are patterned, influenced and aligned with the phases of the moon.

Invite your stories to guide you, seeking the deeper narratives of your life.



Offered in a private interactive classroom, this class is offered as beautiful blend of experiential process and learning, led by Cat Caracelo founder of JourneyPath Institute with experienced teaching staff offering support.

  • Understand the meaning and message held in your birth moon phase.
  • Create with each phase or face of the moon.
  • Use exclusive psycho-spiritual models to discover potent phases of the moon that are aligned with your life.
  • Seek and find stories that are surfacing in your art.
  • Work with cycles and phases that are connected to your past, present and future.
  • Discover how the moon holds potent information that can inspire your life path.
  • Learn to use the reflective energy of dark and light to realign your life.
  • Meet yourself in the moon you find the reflection of your own knowing.
  •  Invite personal stories, ancestral ways, mythic memories and moon lore to feed your soul.

All of her phases.jpgThis global eCourse will invite you to explore visual narrative, art as process and creative inquiry, working with the materials and art in any way that feels good. Mediums and modalities will often include SoulCollage® , JourneyCircles™, Narrative Journaling and Mixed Media. Explore the Expressive Arts resource page to discover the many ways you can use art as a living language.

Explore your stories by the light of the Moon.


Develop new tools for art and life, with this extended learning journey!

Class is held April 24th – June 25th, 2017

New Moon WishesHere’s What You’ll Receive:
1. A 40 page e-book written by Cat Caracelo

2. A Moon Mapping gift sent to your home, anywhere in the world

3. Group sharing, lessons and calls are all held in a private Ruzuku classroom

4. Guided meditations + creative process offered in weekly modules

5. Powerful materials, teachings and wisdom writings to support the learning journey

6. Easy format and forever access to class material, create at your own pace
7. Videos, Audios & Creative Prompts offered EVERY week

8. Five tele-classes offered over nine weeks (all will be recorded)

9. One Virtual Zoom Room | Creative Retreat Event


Schedule for Class Calls + Zoom Retreat:

*alternating time frame to accommodate all time zones!

  • Wednesday April 26th | 4pm PST/7pm EST
  • Sunday May 7th | 8am PST/11am EST
  • Thursday May 25th | 4pm PST/7pm EST
  • Friday June 2nd | 8am PST/11am EST
  • Saturday June 10th | Virtual Retreat on Zoom @ 8am PST/11am EST
  • Monday June 19th | 4pm PST/7pm EST

General Times alternate, all are recorded for later listening:

Class Calls: 1pm Hawaiian, 4pm Pacific, 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern, 12 midnight London, 11am (next day) Melbourne, Australia

Class Calls: 5am Hawaiian, 8am Pacific, 9am Mountain, 10am Central, 11pm Eastern, 4pm London, 3am Melbourne, Australia (next day)

*Please confirm time zones and daylight saving dates on

Refund Policy: A refund may be requested within first seven days of purchase, through March 20th. No refund after March 20th.