Welcome to 12 Nights of Solstice 2023

I am thrilled you are traveling with us in this sacred space to intentionally give yourself more time and space to be in the journey!

12 Nights of Solstice opens on December 5th where you have a few days for orientation and simple beginnings…and then we will step into each of the Solstice Nights beginning on December 9th.

It is powerful to gather and explore this mythic energy at a time of depth, when darkness moves to find its point of illumination!

We are gathering a wonderful circle of like minded artists of life and creatives, both newcomers and long-time deep divers who are choosing to return again and again. I am blessed to create with so many of you over the years.


Step softly into this new season of being!

Process officially opens on December 5th, you will receive an email to join classroom and then classroom will deliver an email reminder each day, to explore, invite creative inspiration and be inspired to travel on the path with a guided journey!


Classroom is open >>


*Hint: use the same access email and password in JPI classroom and shop to make it easy to move between our two password systems!

IMPORTANT: If you are new to JourneyPath Institute please make sure you respond to the email needed to confirm your request and verify your email address, without responding to that you will not receive important emails, access and details.


12 Nights of Solstice offers daily journey meditations and creative prompts, December 5th, December 9 – 22nd and this year there will be some extras!

Excited to travel with you!