Explore the Dark Moon Eclipse + Meditation Gift

Create with Eclipse Energy at this Threshold Time


Art by Rob Gonsalves

Become aware of what the Dark Moon offers you this month.

We are between seasons and much is being exposed, expressed, revealed and released.

Eclipses remind us that everything is cyclical, a culmination always occurs on the edge of a beginning.

  • Solar eclipses correspond with new beginnings and unexpected opportunities.
  • The sun (which symbolizes our external experience) is obscured by the moon (representing our emotional inner-world during this lunation, solar eclipse events often first begin internally.
  • Solar eclipses can reveal what is ready to be release, patterns or cycles of life ready to be karmically composted can get intense.
  • Sometimes we will realize unmet needs, new insights expose options and energy that will transmute shadow into light.
  • Eclipses may be seen as a cosmic upset or a universal invitation.

With the added energy of a solar eclipse, today’s Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse in two weeks, energies can intensify AND shift.

Explore how this Dark Moon Eclipse serves and supports your art and life. Listen to the guided meditation gift, offered below, for this moment and then create.

Remember that this cycle of time is intense and auspicious.

This is indeed a threshold moment, and opening to the gateway that will lead you to and through November 1st (traditionally) which is the Celtic New Year, at Samhain. This is the time of year we always begin the Quest…


Notice that this Eclipse Gate offers you a specific view, the ring of fire exposes light and amplifies the darkness. We see, sense or feel the power of seeing what is visible and understanding more of what has been obscured.

In this darkness much is revealed and can therefore be released…

What you see, you can feel…what you feel can be healed.

Energetically there is exposure of old energies that once released can alter the way you step into life.

This eclipse energy is like Diana’s arrow, fiery with potential. Consider this…Diana’s symbol the Moon is obscuring Apollo’s sun. As a mythic or metaphoric moment, notice how this eclipse may express a calling toward or shift of the evolutionary feminine that is slowly, despite much resistance, restoring balance to the world and your life, within this eclipse season.

Be with the darkness of this shadow experience and become attuned to clarity, awareness and new determination that is ready to be revealed in the coming seasons.

The world exposes the darkness of humanity, that heaviness may be weighing on your heart. Notice the deeper needs calling you today, under this Eclipse energy. Pay attention to your needs and intentions, and as you listen and create explore how the simple act of artmaking can influence personal and universal energies.

The power of art-making, mark-making, conscious, intuitive and energetic intentions in undeniable – it is potant for personal, relational, communal and universal healing and wholeness. All ways of expressing can influence and inspire life, the world and change how you walk in it.

Create and ask your ART:

  • What is being Exposed?
  • What is being Eclipsed?
  • What is being Released
  • What is being Revealed?

How do these mythic moments offer opportunities to create…and how is the creative impulse (raw, real, simple, reflective and expressive) actively revealing energies that WILL create new pathways of healing and wholeness?

Another Eclipse waits for you at the coming Full Moon on October 28th.

This is the first day of an Eclipse Gate…

Listen and Create with this GIFT

A Guided New Moon :: Dark Moon Eclipse Journey



QuestPath is Coming:


The circle of Quest Women is gathering!

It is amazing to me that we will get to create together for the first time in our QuestPath Circle, on October 28th. The global circle of women is coming from both hemispheres and many regions to co-create this years Quest experience.

How amazing to energetically step through the final Eclipse of 2023 in two weeks, as we step into a new QuestPath year. Meeting in the Sacred Grove, on the Full Moon, with the ancestors and ancients and Artemis with her arrow guiding the quest as we begin…


I see you in the dark.

I see your light shining along the edges of all that is.

I see your heart…the fears and tears, the desire and dread, the wounds, the wonder, the will and the wild.

I invite you to BE in the journey…come with ALL that is true, all that is you.

Step into this years Quest.