Summer 2022 | Day 10 Message

If you are not in the classroom yet:

You can start now, so no worries if you are not here yet…come on in and join us!!

Housekeeping Suggestions:

  • Do save the link to the classroom and your learning library
  • Make life easy and use the same log in and password in the community, classroom and the website!
  • Link to 12 Days of Summer >
  • Link to JourneyPath Institute Community share space >
  • Whitelist your email with these names — JourneyPath Institute, Cat Caracelo and notifications
  • Do check spam and promos tab for missing emails!
  • This process and classroom is limited – open through July 10th

The 12 Days of Summer is a journey of the HEART

Take YOUR LEAP of LOVE to engage the creative, explore depth, discover the deeper layers of your own stories!

Click through to JOIN and ACCESS the classroom + community share space – links are posted above. Email me back if you cannot click through to join the classroom. The link to optional community group is posted in the classroom too!

This is my gift to you:

  • 12 Days of Summer process and classroom.
  • Daily Journey of “art + life” practice that offers a soulful summer experience.
  • Getting Started materials with lots of process videos!
  • A special Zoom on Solstice!
  • A creative contemplative journey to activate change.
  • A way to release, receive and reveal you deeper desires…
  • Seeking the wonder and delight of this Season of life.