New Moon Solar Eclipse before Samhain

Be aware of where the Moon Gate opens within this month, with the added energy of a solar eclipse, energies can intensify or shift. Explore how the Dark Moon serves and supports your art and life. This is an opening to the gateway to the Celtic New Year, notice that this Eclipse Gate is a powerful time of releasing, seeing what is visible and understanding what has been obscured and in this darkness there is exposure that invites clarity and new awareness.

Another Eclipse waits for you at the Full moon on October 28th.

Listen and Create with this Guided New Moon :: Dark Moon Eclipse Journey

*ambient music offers extended journey experience for the last half of the recording…


If you are curious about QuestPath, you can find the information below.

The circle of women gathers for the first time in the new year of QuestPath on October 28th, under the Full Moon, moving through the Eclipse Gate into a new year. In the Sacred Grove we will gather with the ancestors and ancients, with Artemis guiding the quest as we begin…

Join us + see what awaits >>