Create with JourneyCircles™ | Make a Card

This is a simple starting point to making a JourneyCircles™ Card.

Creative How-to:

Collage on CircleJourneyCircles™ offers five interactive card types, each card is designed to be a creative template. Embedded with symbolism on one side, the logo side is the place for your creative exploration! You will gather simple supplies that include: papers, magazine images, words, scissors. You will glue over the logo side of each circle card or with the spectrum cards you can choose to create on one or both sides!

Collage on Circle

Creating collage in the round is unique, you may find you are holding a single perspective and direction, or you may want to turn the card as you create.

Create using cut images or tearing techniques to explore movement.

Let your images run off the side of the card, so that you cut along the round edge when you are complete. Glue image onto the logo side, covering over JourneyCircles™ so that you can use the symbolism of the card itself to explore your original art.

Once you have your card created, turn it over and use the edge of the circle to guide your scissors and trim the card edge.

You can choose your card type intuitively or work with a specific shape, size or symbol.

Creating a JourneyCircles™ CardMaking a JourneyCircles™ card! 
To create Journey Circles™ Cards, gather any of these materials:

Your JourneyCircles™ cards (all types)
Images from magazines, retired books and other sources
Papers, scraps and ephemera
Your original art on paper
Paint if you want to work in mixed media directly on the cards
Written words or words from magazines, books or materials
Glue Stick or favorite glue type


JourneyCircles™ is a complementary multimodal practice for personal and professional use. JourneyCircles™ cards provide a visual template that you can create with, one side is prepared for collage and mixed media, and the other offers a printed symbol that serves as a useful and guiding element. You may use JourneyCircles™ to explore expression and experience more deeply, applying intuitive and intentional visual narrative.

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