Creative Listening

Web of Life Its a warm summer Saturday, I am taking my time – stretching in the sun, picking tomatoes and eating them off the vine and kissing clusters of apples that are ripening on my tree.

I have work that is calling, art that is beckoning, a trip to the gym, a messy space that needs attention, you know – a list of…things.

But the dogs circle, and I notice the play of light as I move away from the computer and into the small subtle world that waits. My soul sings…today I will stretch time and see where the day carries me.

Stretching time is a creative concept and one that can be explored when engaging inner listening and making art, both are places where altered awareness is activated.

These powerful questions offer pathways in:

  • Where is your day carrying you?
  • How do you notice, make space for the subtle world that waits?

WebCreative Challenge:

Make art for 10 minutes today…stretch time as you enter into the subtle world that is held within creative practice!

This JourneyCircles™ Guided Journey | Creative Listening offers a minute or two of preparing, grounding and meeting the ebb and flow of breath…then the journey inward begins, this is subtle and numinous space of discovery. As we complete the guided process I offer a minute or two of creative ideas to move with into art making. This is offered as 10 minutes of meeting the source of your own wisdom and inspiration – that will inspire 10 minutes of hands on art making!


May the journey inspire your life,