Community Forum + Agreements

Although we intentionally created a new sacred space as a community forum, in 2022, it has not worked our as well as I had hoped.

The company is raising the rates 1200% a month in December 2023, so we will discontinue this space by late October 2023.

All of our classes have their own community forum and professional groups, trained coaches and facilitators have a private group community in each classroom, and on Facebook.

You can join Gathering Wisdom on Facebook and sign up for the email list to continue to join us for connection and community!


Cheers, Cat


This was the original vision and we will continue to explore options in 2023-2024:

Our own Community Forum, that looks like other Social Media sites but is all ours!

This is dedicated space for community for those who love JourneyPath Institute Programs.

This space includes open Community and private eCourse and program groups.


JPI Community Group Agreements

Top three circle agreements to keep the space safe, focused and clear:
#1. No link zone, share your own stuff!
#2 Conscious kindness and responsive conversation – we are here to talk about art as process, creative depth and discovery using the tools and techniques offered by JPI!
#3 Witness and honor the expression of “she/thee who is sharing” (self and other).
Depth + Discovery is our Community open space!

Gathering Wisdom is who we are and what we do. This space offers a way to dip into the power of depth work, journey process and transformative change.

This is a circle or space where we come to connect, create and celebrate with other conscious creative folks, mostly women. This space is held by Cat Caracelo + JourneyPath Institute team.

This is a:

No Promotion Zone

No Politics or Argumentative Conversations

We are holding space for many individuals so let’s be conscious when posting. 

  • Intense topics, shadow and trauma experience or intense imagery in art should be explored and shared in one of two ways – in specific group process that is designated for grief, loss and healing and/or individual coaching, please contact Cat Caracelo to enquire.

We Explore Jungian Depth Work, Image, Metaphor and Symbolism, Psycho-Spiritual Experience, Journey Work, Personal Myth and Expressing Arts through a lens of Creative Depth.

A Safe Space to explore Depth + Creative Process.

What Happens Here:

JourneyPath does share prompts, experiential process and thoughts to inspire.

Additionally there are mini “dip-ins” to explore Mythos Journey, Masterclass and other offerings – please note that there is always an invitation to join any offering, so that you get to choose what calls to you!


What does No Link Zone mean?

Any posts including links to yours or others blog posts, websites, articles or any other links will be deleted don’t post links to FB page, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest ect. If it’s a link please don’t post it.

Within depth work and inner journeying be gentle and kind to yourself and to others! Offer the energy of witnessing, listening and reflective responding. This is a group created to support our self and one another in our journeys.

No assumptions – as a witness you will hold what the artist knows and shares about her art. In responding. offer what you notice and allow each woman to own and hold their own journey process which is often unfolding.

The Power of Shared Community:
As you explore and use depth process, expressive arts and conscious life design you will discover new facets of your living energy and expanding story! This space is designed and held as a safe space to experience, express and share. In the unlikely event that any posts are inappropriate or toxic, the post and individual will be removed from the group with no notice.
We are a circle of mostly women creating meaningful connections, weaving magic as we travel with art + life, depth and discovery, purpose and path, each gathering wisdom.
Connect with others in the circle, use positive emoji’s as “I see and hear you” “I honor your share” and offer what you see/notice if you respond.


  • Share your insights and process!
  • Explore your experiences and your expression, art, voice as part of a journey process.
  • Recognize the language of art, symbolism, imagery + energy.
  • Consider how “art as process” offers you new knowledge.
  • Remember that everything is part of the journey experience…
  • Post your insights, awareness and happenings…
  • Inspire others and be inspired, with conscious awareness, reflective listening and gentle responding…
  • As you share/post, use “I” language + tell us what resonates or sparks your energy.
  • Delight in the journey, have fun, be curious, seek new ways to create.
  • Dive deep + explore your story.
  • Spread the love.


In Vision,

Cat Caracelo + JourneyPath Institute Staff


Manifesto for the Artist of Life

Art is creative expression that moves ‘in you’ and ‘through you’ guiding you in new ways.

Art promotes insight and change,
Art is a key that opens the door to understanding
Art changes the way we see, sense and experience information.

Art heals; it is a tool of the internal world, expressed externally.

Art speaks of, from and to the deep subconscious, voicing the self, the collective, the conscious awareness and the emerging awareness.

Art expresses truth, from the inside out and from the outside in.

Art impacts and influences individuals, families, communities; past, present and future generations.

Art breathes, screams and dances the energy within us and moves the energy that surrounds us.

Be with your art, live it and love it…

Allow your art to teach you something new, become something new…let it tell you the truth as you to find your way, let is guide you as you become one with the journey…


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Art is a path of wisdom, leading you home to your sacred self.

– Cat Caracelo