Creative Discovery Archetype – Wonder Warrior




The Wonder Warrior in her Archetypal Presence is nurturing, fierce, playful and aware.


She carries potent qualities that are sometimes subtle, yet distinctive and powerful. Moving through the world she is deeply connected to nature, nuance and moments of magic. She is present to experience and energy, through earth listening and inner connectivity. Her capacity to express desire and delight is vast but not always obvious. She can hold a lot and be overly serious, yet under the surface she is always attuned to the textures of life. There is a deep and abiding call that she is fulfilling, she revels in the truth of wonder and finds where it hides in life.

The blended energies of the Wonder Warrior include the Magician, Leader-Healer and the Mystic-Muse.


As a Wonder Warrior:

  • You have the ability to recognize meaningful magic inside of life
  • Seeking wonder, you are able to see and feel conscious connections
  • You are influenced by a serious side, but yearn to expand pleasure and play
  • You are highly creative and musing is key to your most nourishing experiences.
  • You love to explore and express possibilities as you create

As a Wonder Warrior you are bold and brave, active and energized, moved by the mystical and magical nuances of life. This is a paradoxical blend of discovery, growth and awareness, developed when you are moving past a time of deep healing where you have learned to release some of your natural protective nature and focus. You are now relaxing into new energies that will reveal important facets of life and light.


You go out of your way to seek wonder and this is often medicine energy that brings excitement and joy. You are likely to have a strong ability to direct, guide, hold and respond to needs, yet your own deep delight in wandering leads you to look beneath the surface where there is a true essence and potency generated through spirit connection.


You are a leader-healer, with visionary aspects and often can see ways to meet needs and support others. One of your gifts is to find the secret ingredients that lead you to express the full range of pleasure and play. Sourcing your own kind of wild, simple magic and wonder-filled experiences is an expression of sacred play. This creative way is powerful and purposeful, advancing the path that invites delight to determine a new direction.The magic moments you discover are doorways of experience that invite you to relax into possibility. This ability invites new awareness and allows what is ready to emerge to take shape.


You practice embodied presence, and are never afraid to sit down on the ground and revel in wonder when it arrives. You are expressive and expansive, always interested in finding flow so that movement generates the juice of inspired action. As a Wonder Warrior you are dedicated to light and fierce to protect it. You have an abiding belief in meeting magic through action and beauty.


Waking to wonder is a chosen path and cultivated experience. Engage creative discovery in simple and subtle ways. Invite the child inside to become more strongly expressed.


The traveling totem of the Wonder Warrior is the Sacred Bear who is aware of both adult energies and the inner child expression. Create connections within nature and notice how your own divine essence wants to play.


Affirmation for the Wonder Warrior:

I am dedicated to sacred play and gathering light.


The Range of Experience for the Wonder Warrior includes:

  • Expanded ability to source your own pleasure and generate play
  • Creative expression of musing and delight allows you to see the light
  • Intuitive seeking reveals mystery and meaning
  • Magic moments and simple pleasure open into conscious connection
  • Bold and determined you are willing to activate change for the greater good

Expressing the fullness of your abilities and delight in life, Wonder Warrior is a dynamic and unexpected expression of play and beauty’s way.


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